Tour LA With "High Rollers'" Gary Phillips, 2

Earlier this year, CBR News told you about "High Rollers," a new Boom! Studios mini-series by critically acclaimed crime-novelist Gary Phillips and Brazillian artist Manuel Magalhaes. The series is a modern gangster story set in Los Angeles, and Phillips has gone to great pains to make it an accurate reflection of real-world gang life.

BOOM! Studios, the publisher of "High Rollers," has provided CBR News with the second episode of a four-part series featuring Garry Phillips as he takes viewers on a video tour of Los Angeles. In this installment, Gary takes us to Crenshaw Boulevard, and shows how Magalhaes has incorporated the look and feel of the the infamous street into "High Rollers."

CBR TV has the first episode, introducing the comic and it's characters, here.

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