Totally Terrific Team-Up: JLA/Avengers update

[JLA/Avengers]The series isn't ready for publication just yet, but work on the much-anticipated team-up of the Justice League and the Avengers is progressing. Really.

"George Perez is about halfway through the first issue, and it's unbelievable," DC editor Dan Raspler announced Saturday during a Wizard World panel about the future of the DC Universe.

The crowd went wild at the news, as well as a slide of one of Perez's promotional pieces for the project.

The four-issue series will be drawn by Perez and written by Kurt Busiek. Raspler is co-editing the project with Marvel's Tom Brevoort.

Unlike the recent universe-wide "DC vs. Marvel" team-up, which was hotly anticipated but received mixed reviews from fans, the new series won't just be page after page of DC and Marvel good guys fighting each other, Raspler said.

"It is not 48 pages of them fighting in the mighty Marvel style," Raspler said, taking a jab at DC's chief competitor and partner in the project. "But that's not to say you won't know who's stronger. It's really going to be an exciting read."

Raspler later said the series will feature heroes and villains from both universes, something "DC vs. Marvel" did not. Beyond that, however, Raspler refused to reveal many details about the project. He wouldn't even name a release date. "It will be released when George is finished with it," he told the crowd.

The project definitely will be one worth waiting for, however, if the artwork that Raspler has seen is any indication. "It's going to be some of the greatest stuff of his career," Raspler said of Perez's creations. "It's exactly what you'd hoped it to be."

In other JLA news, Raspler promoted the work of the regular series' new creative team. Writer Joe Kelly and artist Doug Mahnke take over as of issue #61, and Raspler tried to assure fans that the duo will be on the title for a while.

"They're going to be on for the long haul," he said. "They're really going to take it to a new level."

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