"Totally Awesome Hulk" Guessing Game Continues With New Teaser

Just a few hours after dropping another teaser for the upcoming "Totally Awesome Hulk" series, Marvel has released another image for the series that continues to play up the title character's mystery identity. The series, which comes from fan-favorite Hulk writer Greg Pak and artist Frank Cho, will pick up after the events of "Secret Wars" and -- in a true twist -- it won't star Bruce Banner as the raging green behemoth. The identity of the awesome new Hulk, remains a secret -- one that Marvel's having a bit of fun with.

The Frank Cho illustrated teaser from earlier today had an Iron Fist vibe to it thanks to the silhouette of the mask, but the newly revealed one has flowing locks and a beard -- possibly a nod to hirsute Hulk supporting player Doc Samson?

If you're curious to see how the "Totally Awesome" promo has changed, you can see the two from today alongside the one they released back in June below.

Keep reading CBR for the latest on the unraveling of "Totally Awesome Hulk's" identity.

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