<i>Total Recall</i> Remake Begins Casting For Two Female Leads

Whether or not you agree with it, the Len Wiseman-directed remake/reboot/proper adaptation/whatever you want to call it of Total Recall is moving forward. Colin Farrell is already set to star, and Wiseman is working with Sony to fill out the rest of the cast.

Right now the goal is to fill the movie's lead female roles, and Deadline reports that the process is already well under way. While the new movie is said to hew closer to Philip K. Dick's original short story, one of the two roles being filled is a fabrication carried over from Paul Verhoeven's 1990 adaptation that wasn't in the original story.

Deadline first reported that Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger were on to read for the role of Lori, played by Sharon Stone in the original, but later updated the post to reveal that Kruger opted out of the reading. The other female lead, Melina, was  introduced in the Verhoeven movie, played by Rachel Ticotin. Eva Mendes and Paula Patton are reading for Melina. Jessica Biel and Eva Green both are being considered as well, and Mendes is also apparently up for the role of Lori.

What's interesting about all of this news  is the fact that, until now, all we've heard of Kurt Wimmer's script is that it follows the original story much more closely than Verhoeven's effort did. The action in Dick's writings never actually moves to Mars, which keeps all of Douglas Quaid's (or Quail, as it was written) adventures grounded on Earth. Melina is a character introduced on Mars as part of the local resistance in Verhoeven's movie ... so it seems there will be more parallels with the 1990 original than we were previously led to believe.

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