Total Immersion Puts You in the Action with New 'Iron Man 2' Augmented Reality Application

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Curious to see the world as Tony Stark sees it?

Well, you can now don the gear, thanks to Total Immersion (www.t-immersion.com), the global leader in augmented reality (AR). As part of LG's multi-platform marketing campaign, Total Immersion teamed with LG Mobile Phones, Alcone Marketing, Marvel Studios and Paramount for an integrated digital promotion around Iron Man 2, which arrived in theaters nationwide on May 7, entitled "Iron Man Yourself."

Encompassing mobile AR and the Web, the promotion features markerless augmented reality - tracking that enables the AR application to use natural targets to trigger the experience. The "Iron Man Yourself" promotion includes a limited edition Iron Man 2 comic book available with the purchase of every LG Ally handset, LG's first Android mobile phone in the U.S. Featuring Total Immersion's D'Fusion@home and D'Fusion Mobile software. LG Ally allows consumers to experience an Augmented Reality application via the handset.

"This integrated digital campaign brings together some remarkable AR capabilities - markerless tracking, computer vision and mobile AR -- in one of the most compelling extensions to a film franchise in recent memory," said Bruno Uzzan, CEO and co-founder, Total Immersion. "Working with LG, Alcone, Marvel and Paramount, we've been able to raise the bar on mobile AR while engaging consumers across a range of brands."

Bringing the film to life, the Iron Man 2 comic book enables readers to experience the world through Tony Stark's eyes via two unique AR scenarios. In the first, readers can hold the comic book's front cover up to a webcam and watch as AR tracking creates an Iron Man helmet directly over his or her head. Once the helmet is in place, Iron Man's armor begins to form over the reader's chest and the transformation is complete. Consumers can also get a feel for the infamous heads-up display from within the Iron Man helmet, and the AR experience can be recorded and shared.

In a second scenario, the comic book's back cover kicks off a fast and furious timed challenge called "Sky Thruster Game" in which players, through movement detection, control a flying figure of Iron Man across desert and urban landscapes. Using the comic book as a joystick, players must dodge city buildings and close encounters with LG icons as they race to the finish and move on to higher levels.

Total Immersion exhibited its unique AR installation at the LG Iron Man 2 event in New York City on May 11. In addition to celebrating LG's partnership with the film, the event used AR implementations to highlight finalist concepts from the LG Design the Future Competition which challenged participants to create futurist handset designs and models.

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