<i>Tosh.0</i> Director Scott Zabielski Assigned to <i>Police Academy</i> Detail

Looks like it's time for a new generation of audiences to enlist in the police academy with a group of screw-ups, obsessives and borderline lunatics. That's right, New Line Cinema plans to bring back the Police Academy franchise, Deadline reports. The series debuted in 1984, with director Hugh Wilson and star Steve Guttenberg, and spawned six sequels as well as a pair of television series (one live-action, the other animated).

The studio has decided on Scott Zabielski to direct the relaunch. Zabielski has never directed a feature film, but he has directed segments of Comedy Central's Tosh.0, on which he also serves as co-executive producer. Additionally, Zabielski actually went through police academy training and remains on the reserves of the West Hollywood force. Realism might not be the first thing people think about when remembering the Police Academy films, but additional layers and personal experience can't hurt the process.

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