<i>Torchwood</i> Returns Next Summer

Starz has picked up the U.S. rights for a new season of Torchwood, set to debut next summer.

That's right, Captain Jack is back!

The Live Feed reports the 10-episode series, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions, will air in the U.S. exclusively on Starz and in the U.K. on BBC One.

The new season -- the fourth for Torchwood, following the five-part Children of Earth -- will feature the return of John Barrowman and Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper, and Russell T. Davies as showrunner. But this installment will have more of an "international scope," which will be reflected in new cast members. According to Starz, "The new series will allow Davies and his writing team to tell a more explosive and global story, one that takes advantage of the unlimited narrative opportunities of a premium television service like Starz."

A spin-off of Doctor Who, Torchwood — an anagram of “Doctor Who” — debuted in 2006 on BBC Three. It focuses on the Cardiff, Wales, branch of the Torchwood Institute, an organization established by Queen Victoria to defend the Earth against extraterrestrial threats. The series’ third season premiered on BBC One in July 2009. The show was broadcast in the United States on BBC America.

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