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Top Shelf to release Alan Moore’s ‘Voice of the Fire’

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Top Shelf to release Alan Moore’s ‘Voice of the Fire’

Official Press Release

Exciting news! Alan Moore’s breathtaking novel, VOICE OF THE FIRE, is
being released in America for the very first time. Published by Top
Shelf, VOICE OF THE FIRE will be presented in hardcover format,
featuring an introduction by Neil Gaiman, thirteen full-color plates by
José Villarrubia (Promethea & The Mirror of Love), and a dust jacket
designed by Chip Kidd.

It will be solicited in the JUNE Diamond PREVIEWS catalog that hits
stores on May 28th. Please note that this novel will move very quickly,
so if you want a copy, be sure to ask your local retailer to advance
order it for you from the PREVIEWS catalog in June. VOICE OF THE FIRE
will ship to stores, from these orders, in August.


by Alan Moore

with an introduction by Neil Gaiman, thirteen color plates by José Villarrubia, & a dust jacket design by Chip Kidd.

“Do not trust the tales, or the town, or even the man who tells the
tales. Trust only the voice of the fire.” — Neil Gaiman, from the

“A burning bush of a novel full of earthy wonder and wisdom, Voice of
the Fire is a head-spinning trip down time’s sacred whirlpool.” —
Richard Gehr, Village Voice

“Alan Moore is the best and most innovative writer in graphic novels. I
have been a huge admirer for years.” — Michael Moorcock

“Alan takes genuine risks and justifies them: you feel, all the way, the
rush of discovery; authorial privilege endangered by the savage voices
he allows into his head.” — Iain Sinclair

“A first novel, Voice Of The Fire, slices through the history of his
Northampton home, from the Stone Age up to his literal conjuring of an
ending from the world around him, swallowing hallucinogens, beaming in
messages from the TV — a wild, shamanic stretching of the writers art.”
— Nick Hasted, Uncut

“A daring, unsettling work of literature.” — Locus

“Remarkable, savage and, at times, unbearably beautiful…” — Time Out

In a story full of lust, madness and ecstasy, we meet twelve distinctive
characters that lived in the same region of central England in the span
of six thousand years. Their narratives are woven together in patterns
of recurring events, strange traditions and uncanny visions. First, a
cave-boy looses his mother, falls in love and learns a deadly lesson. He
is followed by an extraordinary cast of characters: a murderess who
impersonates her victim, a fisherman who believes he has become a
different species, a Roman emissary who realizes the bitter truth about
the Empire, a crippled nun who is healed miraculously by a disturbing
apparition, an old crusader whose faith is destroyed by witnessing the
ultimate relic, two witches, lovers, who burn at the stake… Each
interconnected tale traces a path in a journey of discovery of the
secrets of the land.

In its last chapter, Moore himself describes the novel: “It’s about the
vital message that the stiff lips of decapitated men still shape; the
testament of black and spectral dogs written in piss across our bad
dreams. It’s about raising the dead to tell us what they know. It is a
bridge, a crossing-point, a worn spot in the curtain between our world
and the underworld, between the mortar and the myth, fact and fiction, a
threadbare gauze no thicker than a page. It’s about the powerful
glossolalia of witches and their magical revision of the texts we live
in. None of this is speakable.”

In the tradition of Kipling’s Puck of Pook’s Hill, Schwob’s Imaginary
Lives and Borges’ A Universal History of Infamy, Moore travels through
history blending truth and conjecture, in a novel that is dazzling,
moving, sometimes tragic, but always mesmerizing.

This edition presents Voice of the Fire for the first time in hardcover
format, featuring an introduction by Neil Gaiman, thirteen full-color
plates by José Villarrubia (Promethea & The Mirror of Love), and a dust
jacket designed by Chip Kidd.

— $26.95, 336 pages, Hardcover Novel with 13 Full-Color Plates, ISBN 1-891830-44-9

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