Top Shelf solicitations for product shipping October, 2003

Official Press Release


by Alex Robinson

More Box Office Poison stories from Alex Robinson! What you might not

know is that there were several short stories featuring Sherman, Ed and

friends which were not collected in the giant Box Office Poison

collection. BOP! is an 88-page comic reprinting all of those short

stories including all of the SPX/Expo Anthology shorts, the "Box Office

Poison Kolor Karnival" (seen here in glorious black and white), and some

extra goodies. If you're a fan of the Harvey and Ignatz award nominated

graphic novel, then you know you won't want to miss this collection.

-- $9.95 (US), 88 pgs, Perfect Bound Trade Paperback, ISBN 1-891830-46-5


Edited by Jon B. Cooke

Darwyn Cooke's New Frontiers! A long, insightful interview with the

amazing "new" fan-favorite artist (Selina's Big Score, Catwoman, Ego) on

his careers in animation and comics, from his involvement in the

ground-breaking Batman animated show to his upcoming DC maxi-series, New

Frontiers! Plus a massive gallery of rarely-seen and unpublished

artwork, behind a brand-new cover by Darwyn. We also begin our series of

interviews with the best editors in the contemporary scene as we chat

with Mark Chiarello, acclaimed art director and significant creative

force behind the DC resurgence. CBA interviews B. K. Taylor, creator of

The Appletons and Timberland Tales, on his fascinating career from the

Muppets to National Lampoon to Home Improvement! This issue's CBA

Classic explores the 50-year+ history of P.S. Magazine, the U.S. Army

comic book/maintenance manual via interviews with Will Eisner, Murphy

Anderson, and Joe Kubert, only three of the greats who produced this

fascinating funnybook artifact over the last half-century. Plus our

usual news, views & reviews, sketchbook section, and more cool stuff!

-- $7.50 (US), 112 pages, Magazine, Perfect Bound, Color Covers, B&W and

Full Color Interiors, 8.5" x 11"

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