Top Shelf solicitations for product shipping Janury, 2003


by Jennifer Daydreamer

Mini-comic fan favorite, Jennifer Daydreamer, cracks her world open abit more for this exciting new series of stand-alone books from TopShelf. Her complete fantasy universe, called Encephalon, is akin to adreamier Wizard of Oz or a hallucinatory Harry Potter. Daydreamer hasspent nearly three years studying symbols, fairy tales, schizophreniaand the various natures of reality in preparation for this new series. …In this first volume, Oliver, there are three intertwined stories set inJennifer's unique quirky landscape that feature the psychic CircusZazel, bratty angels, thoughts that walk around, and the title characterOliver, a small pre-pubescent boy in a devil costume. Jennifer'sdrawings are dense, lush and almost vibrate off the page. Don't missthis exciting full-scale debut by this wholly unique artist.

-- $4.95 (US), 60 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Color Cover, Black & White &Color Interiors, Comic Book, Saddle Stitched



by Steve Lafler

Set in an "insect noir" Manhattan of the early fifties, BugHouse is thetumultuous story of Tenor saxophonist, Jimmy Watts, as he leads histalented jazz band of "bugs" from the swing era into the unchartedmaelstrom of Bop. Never before has the art of music felt more alive andreal on the printed page. And never before has a more "human" portraitof drug addiction been depicted in comics.

-- $14.95 (US), 192 pages, Color Cover · B&W Interiors, Graphic Novel,ISBN 1-891830-13-9



by Steve Lafler

Bones the bass player, youngest member of premier jazz band Bughouse, ison the lam from the law! Framed by gangster Johnny Muggles, Bones headssouth to Mexico while things cool off in Bugtown. Intrigue, romance andsome very funky rockin' blues ensue as our man Bones hooks up with agroup of Mexican musicians. Throw in a spooky local legend about aseductive sorceress, and you have an edgy and illuminating coming of agestory for Bones the bass player.

-- $9.95 (US), 96 pages, Graphic Novel, Perfect Bound, Color Cover, B&WInteriors, ISBN 1-891830-27-9



by Tom Hart

Hutch Owen is at once hilarious and enraged, snotty, and smart. Theseacclaimed dregs-of-society farces skewer the multinational,mega-merging, corporate forces that control our lives. Tom Hart'spopular vagrant/rebel, Hutch Owen, rages while the world around himbuilds, merges, attends marketing seminars and goes IPO. And his may bethe only dissenting voice left!

-- $14.95 (US), 176 pages, Trade Paperback, Perfect Bound, Color Cover,B&W Interiors, 6" x 9", ISBN: 1-891830-17-1



by Tom Hart

Set in summertime Boston (and central Florida during a tropical storm),BANKS/EUBANKS tells of a lazy dreamer's confrontation with a sort ofadventure much, much different than the kind he imagines himself worthyof.

-- $9.95 (US), 160 pgs, Color Cover, B&W Interiors, 6" x 9", PerfectBound, Graphic Novel, ISBN 1-891830-10-4

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