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by Doug TenNapel

Top Shelf's fastest first printing ever! 5,000 copies sold out in 90

days! … 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises have picked up the

feature film rights to Doug TenNapel's Creature Tech. The deal comes

after what is described as "a fierce bidding war" and is worth high-six

against low-seven figures, and will be a live-action extravaganza

hitting the silver screen in the near future … "TenNapel may be

generation X's answer to Dr. Seuss." -- People Magazine. "CREATURE TECH

has everything you could possibly want in a graphic novel… Best of all,

every page is a work of art. Doug TenNapel is brilliant!" -- Linda

Simensky, Cartoon Network. … Good battles evil, and the world hangs in

the balance! Resurrected by the Shroud of Turin, the zombified Dr.

Jameson intends to finish what he started 150 years ago -- destroying

the earth with a giant space eel. Standing in his way is Dr. Ong, a

would-be pastor turned scientist who now works in a government research

facility infamously known as "Creature Tech." Aided by an unlikely cast

of rednecks, symbiotic aliens, and a CIA-trained mantid, Dr. Ong embarks

on a journey of faith, love, and self-discovery. All in a day's work at

Creature Tech! … Eisner award winner, Doug TenNapel grew up in the town

of Denair, an outskirt of Turlock, boasting just 3000 occupants. The

creator of Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, and GEAR, he writes, paints and

develops TV shows for fun and profit. Doug is currently a Creative

Producer on the New ABC TV series "Push, Nevada," and is writing and

directing a pilot for "GEAR" at Nickelodeon. He lives in Los Angeles

with his wife, Angie and new baby girl, Ahmi.

-- $19.95 (US) NEW PRICE!, 208 pages, Graphic Novel, 9" x 7 1/2", ISBN: 1-891830-34-1


By James Kochalka

Magic Boy is an old, decrepit man. Lonely and confused, he decides to

build a robotic replica of himself. However, the robot goes insane and

attacks his creator, then goes back in time, and kills his creator's

childhood self. The robot then lives out the entirety of his creator's

life in his stead. Space and time warp around Magic Boy and his Robot

Elf, and fact and fantasy fracture and get shuffled together. This book

reprints Kochalka's first (and highly ambitious) fever dream of a

graphic novel, and features an all-new ending that brings the story to a

stunning psychedelic climax.

-- $9.95 (US), 80 pages, Color Cover, B&W Interiors, 5 3/8" x 8 1/4",

Perfect Bound, Graphic Novel, ISBN 1-891830-33-3


By Jeffrey Brown

CLUMSY is Jeffrey Brown's debut work; a book praised by Chris Ware and

hailed by James Kochalka as his "favorite graphic novel ever." CLUMSY is

the bittersweet story of a year long, long distance relationship, told

through snippets of everyday life, drawn in a simple and elegantly

awkward style that heightens the emotional impact and leaves you

reminiscing about your own past love affairs. It also has a lot of sex.

Top Shelf is proud to represent this excellent self-published graphic


-- $10.00 (US), 232 pages, Color Cover, B&W Interiors, 4 5/8" x 7 1/4"

(tall), Perfect Bound, Graphic Novel, ISBN: 0971-3597-68


Directed by: Alistair Banks Griffin

Based on the graphic novel Dear Julia, by Brian Biggs, this 20-minute,

full-color short film is a faithful adaptation of the darkly comic tale

of Boyd Soloman. The film was directed by Alistair Banks Griffin,

produced by Sean Sullivan and Alistair Banks Griffin, written by Brian

Biggs, and stars Christian De Rezendes, John Los, and Michael Grando. It

has appeared in several film festivals.

-- $15.00 (US), VHS Casette, Short Film (In Color), Running Time: 20




by Brian Biggs

"This is a thoughtfully creative book in the vanguard of our medium." --

Will Eisner. … Boyd Soloman believes he can fly and is eight floors

above a San Francisco street intending to prove it. DEAR JULIA, is the

story of how he got there. Brian Biggs tells the tale with deft wit and

a sharp eye, leaving crumbs both verbal and visual along the reader's

path to the climactic end. A darkly comic tale of a man standing on the

edge of sanity.

-- $12.95 (US), 112 pages, ISBN 1-891830-12-0

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