Top Shelf solicitations for product shipping December, 2002

Press Release


by Jason Hall & Matt Kindt

The Pistolwhip boys are back with a thrilling new graphic novel that's

really going to make your Pistolwhip machine hum! Jack Peril is the

beloved hero of radio, comics, and the silver screen, but is his

existence merely fictional? What does a series of grisly murders and a

new lecture series condemning the pulse-pounding parables of said Mr.

Peril have to do with it all? And just who is The Yellow Menace? Mitch

and Charlie, along with Ray (the luckless cop) and Isla (the inquisitive maid), plan to find out! … The two-time Harvey Award nominated PISTOLWHIP made TIME Magazine's 2001 Top Ten list of best comics, and was also named the best Indy comics of 2001 by Wizard Magazine. Don't miss this exciting new Pistolwhip release!

-- $14.95 (US), 144 pages, 8 5/8" x 10 1/2", ISBN: 1-891830-35-X, Color

Cover, Black & White & Color Interiors, Perfect Bound, Graphic Novel


by Kurt Wolfgang

Top Shelf is proud to present Kurt Wolfgang's self-published graphic

novel, WHERE HATS GO. Most recognized for his mini comics Lowjinx #2:

Understanding Minicomics and Lowjinx #3: The Big Rip-Off!, this time the Xeric grant and Ignatz award recipient Kurt Wolfgang has created a

160-page wordless masterpiece. … In a city where the wind never ceases,

a young boy loses his most prized possession to a mischievously swirling gust. From the windy streets to the punishing halls of elementary school, to the musty lair of a fortune telling gypsy, the boy presses on to find the elusive destination of his cherished cap -- and finds much more. Combining a classic "cartoony" style with formal innovations, Kurt Wolfgang gently nudges the boundaries of the wordless novel in this imaginative, poetic and timeless tale of lost and found.

-- $8.00 (US), 160 pages, 4 1/8" x 5 7/8", ISBN: 0967798922, Color

Cover, Black & White Interiors, Perfect Bound, Graphic Novel

Bloodborne #15

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