Top Shelf solicitations for product shipping August, 2002

Official Press Release


by Rich Koslowski

Top Shelf is proud to present a very unique comics project! Through a

series of never-before-seen interviews and rare photos,

documentary-maker Rich Koslowski reveals the horrifying true story

behind the Cartoon industry and our most celebrated cartoon actors --

the story that Hollywood doesn't want you to see. Told in the same style

as a Ken Burns documentary, with interviews of 'toon stars today as well

as historical "file footage" of the "early years," this work of fiction

will forever change the way you think of those beloved characters in the

white gloves. … Rich Koslowski has worked in the Animation and Comic

Book industry for the past 12 years. Best known for his three-time,

Eisner-nominated work on his self-published parody title "The 3 Geeks,"

this ground-breaking graphic novel is sure to appeal to everyone.

-- $14.95 (US), 144 pages, Graphic Novel, 9" x 11", ISBN: 1-891830-31-7


by Michael Slack

Top Shelf is proud to represent Michael Slack's Xeric Award winning

comic, "Land of O" -- a stunning debut of dark, humorous short stories.

Set in a dystopian third world America, the "Land of O" is 32 pages of

amazingly rendered graphite illustrations. Chronicling the lives of a

cast of repulsive characters living in the fallout of glutinous over

consumption, greedy global capitalism, and excessive genetic tinkering,

this debut is not to be missed. -- $3.95 (US), Comic Book, 32 pages, 6

5/8" x 9"

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