Top Shelf Productions solicitations for product shipping November, 2001

Official Press Release

by Alan Moore & Tim Perkins (on Steven Severin's RE: label)

Top Shelf Productions is proud to present THE HIGHBURY WORKING, Alan Moore's startling new performance CD from Steven Severin's RE: label. This CD, the collaboration of Alan Moore & Tim Perkins, is a hallucinatory journey through the darker secrets of the Highbury area of London. It gives up some of the lesser-known facts about the checkered past of this hitherto respectable part of the sprawling metropolis.

First performed upstairs at The Garage in the winter of 1997, The Highbury Working RE:creates the magickal spoken word performance of Alan Moore and sets it against the brooding atmospheres and soundscapes of Tim Perkins (best known for his musical achievements with Finality Jack). Whether it's the brutal gangland slaying of Jack the Hat (by those 'legends' of mayhem the Krays) or the opium-tinged reveries (and nightmares) of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Highbury Working is a compelling piece of work charting the infinitely more interesting and rewarding realms of London than the tourist brochures tell of. The CD underlines how unique and enigmatic a storyteller Alan Moore truly is. Alan Moore collectors won't want to miss the opportunity to pick up this rare Alan Moore import.

-- $20.00 (US), Special Limited Import Music CD

by Glenn Dakin

Sporting a glowing introduction by the master of "veiled autobiography," Eddie Campbell, this graphic novel features all of Glenn Dakin's ABE stories from the British comix scene. If you're not familiar with Dakin's work, Glenn has, for the last nineteen years, been one of England's best alternative comics creators. ABE is not only regarded as a milestone in the world of fanciful autobiography, but it's a must read for fans of ALEC or anyone who's interested in astute, witty, and profound observations of life and living.

-- $14.95 (US), 176 pages, 6" x 9", Color Cover, Black & White Interiors, Perfect Bound, Graphic Novel, ISBN# 1-891830-22-8

by Josué Menjivar

Josué Menjivar is back (!) with a moving and emotional graphic novel entitled, CICADA. Examining the emotional scars that infidelity can produce, this graphic novel intelligently relates the guilt that one man carries to the hibernation cycle of the cicada. Fans of BROKEN FENDER know how Josué is a master of combining streetwise urgency with a real sense of heart, and CICADA is the first showcase of this extraordinary ability in a full-length story.

-- $12.95 (US), 112 pages, 6" x 9", Color Cover, Black & White Interiors, Perfect Bound, Graphic Novel, ISBN# 1-891830-21-X

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