Top 10 Inner Sakura Moments From Naruto

We all have those moments where we must conceal our true feelings with behavior that is more socially acceptable. Sakura Haruno, one of the strongest kunoichi from the Naruto series, knows this better than anyone.

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Although Sakura may seem like a bright and levelheaded ninja on the outside, the way she feels on the inside is often petty and fierce--as if she's a completely different person. This manifestation of her innermost emotions is known as "Inner Sakura"! From fantasizing over Sasuke to trash-talking her elders, Inner Sakura becomes Sakura's outlet for releasing any bottled up emotions that she can't get off her chest to the people around her.

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10 Talking Trash About The Hokage

The Hokage is one of the strongest ninjas in the world and the respected leader of the Hidden Leaf Village. Many young ninjas like Naruto even aspire to become Hokage someday. Because the Hokage title is held in such high regard, no ninja would ever speak poorly of them. Or at least not to their face.

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In this Inner Sakura moment, Sakura puts on a happy face and praises the Third Hokage after Kakashi explains the leadership roles and responsibilities of the Kage leaders. At the same time, Inner Sakura comes out extremely skeptical, questioning whether or not the "old man" is really capable of such responsibilities. Little did she know, the old man still had a few tricks up his sleeve as seen in his final battle against the infamous Orochimaru!

9 Malice Toward Naruto

More often than not, Sakura finds Naruto to be an annoying pest, especially when he jokes around and takes things too far.

During their first big mission as genin, Team Seven learns how to control their chakra by running up trees. While Sakura has no problem in climbing to the top of the tree on her first try, Naruto struggles for several days to get it right. When he finally makes it to the top, Naruto shows off in front of Sakura and pretends to fall from the tree before using chakra to catch himself upside-down on a branch. Sakura freaks out and tells him not to scare her like that. Inner Sakura, on the other hand, threatens to kill him for messing with her.

8 Supporting Sasuke

It's no secret that Sakura is crazily in love with a fellow member of Team Seven, Sasuke. She loves him so much that she's willing to do just about anything to make him all hers.

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After barely making it through the Forest of Death for the second part of the Chunin Exams, Team Seven arrives at the finish line, injured and exhausted. Sasuke, in particular, took quite a beating in the forest, so Sakura provides extra support for him as they walk. Once they reach safety, however, Sasuke tells her that he's well enough to move on his own and distances himself from her. Inner Sakura comes out to express her disappointment in her short-lived dream of having Sasuke's arm around her shoulder.

7 Pranking Kakashi

Sakura is known for her brains and great exam scores, so one would expect her to be a good student who steers clear of trouble. But when she is placed in the same squad as Naruto, the biggest troublemaker of them all, her true colors start to show.

While waiting to meet their new teacher, Kakashi, Naruto sets up a harmless prank where a dusty chalkboard eraser would fall on Kakashi's head when he opens the door. Sakura scolds Naruto and calls him an idiot, but Inner Sakura reveals that she actually loves naughty pranks and fully supports her teammate's plan!

6 Fantasizing Over Sasuke

In a messy love triangle where Naruto likes Sakura, and Sakura likes Sasuke, odd shenanigans are bound to happen in order to catch the attention of their crushes. Perhaps the most iconic instance is when Naruto transforms into Sasuke and almost snags a kiss from Sakura.

As Sakura fantasizes about Sasuke, she imagines him complimenting her "charming forehead" but is also aware that he's out of her league. To her surprise, Sasuke (or rather, Naruto in disguise as Sasuke) approaches her and tells her exactly what she wants to hear. Inner Sakura responds with celebration and excitement, but before they can kiss, "Sasuke" runs off due to an upset stomach.

5 Pettiness With Ino

Sakura and Ino have a friendship that may or may not turn very toxic when it comes to boys. After years of fighting over their beloved Sasuke, a similar situation occurs when Team Seven recruits new member Sai.

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Because Sai has extremely poor socialization skills, he comes across as rude and blunt. This is exactly what Inner Sakura hopes for when Sai is introduced to Ino for the first time. She wants Sai to say something nasty to Ino, just to make her feel bad. Unfortunately for Sakura, it ends up backfiring when Sai calls Ino beautiful.

4 Sasuke's First Kiss

Sakura, along with every other girl at the Ninja Academy, went crazy for Sasuke and would've loved to have stolen his first kiss. However, his first kiss unintentionally went to someone else--and everyone was there to witness it.

In one of Naruto and Sasuke's many staredowns, Naruto is accidentally pushed forward by another student and his lips just so happen to fall right against Sasuke's. Devastated by the awkward kiss between the two boys, Inner Sakura cries out at the fact that she wasn't the one to be Sasuke's first kiss. And the fact that it was Naruto, of all people, only made it worse.

3 Video Game Appearances

Inner Sakura had such a strong presence in the Naruto manga and anime that she also appears in many of the video game titles such as Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.

The characters in these fighting games all have access to ultimate moves, such as Sasuke's Chidori or Naruto's Rasengan. In Sakura's case, her character always lacked a signature jutsu or technique until later on in the series, so her ultimate move in the video games became Inner Sakura. When in use, Sakura unleashes Inner Sakura and barrages her opponent with furious punches while screaming "CHA!"

2 Insults From Sasuke

Nobody enjoys receiving insults from peers, and it's even worse when it comes from your crush.

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When Sakura attempts to be friendly and flirty with Sasuke, he immediately shuts her down and compares her skills to that of Naruto, basically calling her a loser. Inner Sakura comes out, weighed down and pained by Sasuke's words. And to add salt to the wound, Sasuke takes back his first statement and says Sakura is actually worse than Naruto. For Sakura, there's no insult that could hurt her more than being worse than the boy she despises most.

1 Fight Against Ino

For the most part, Inner Sakura would appear outside of battle in petty instances where the stakes are low. However, the most crucial Inner Sakura moment comes in Sakura's fight with Ino during the Chunin Exams.

Ino first gains the advantage over Sakura with her Mind Transfer Jutsu, which allows her to possess her target's body. All Ino had to do was raise Sakura's hand and say she forfeited the match, but Inner Sakura doesn't let that happen. Within Sakura's mind, Ino comes face to face with a giant Inner Sakura, who crushes the intruder in her grips until she's chased back into her own body. The match ultimately ends in a tie, but for the first time, Sakura proves to have a strong fighting spirit.

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