Top Gun Takes Flight For Limited IMAX 3D Run

Top Gun 2 might not be getting filmed following the death of director Tony Scott, put plans to release an IMAX 3D version of Top Gun are still under way. Paramount Pictures has announced the film will return to theaters in a limited engagement beginning on Feb. 8.

The movie has been remastered in IMAX 3D, and is being rereleased in anticipation of the Top Gun two disc Blu-ray set, which comes out on Feb. 19. The movie will only be released in IMAX for six days. The list of theaters playing the movie has not been announced.

Scott supervised Top Gun's conversion to 3D by the company Legend3D while he was still alive. Plans for a Top Gun 2 have been put on hold for now, but that could change if there's a resurgence of interest in Top Gun upon this rerelease.

News of the jump to 3D was first announced last September. A four-minute preview of the movie's "Danger Zone" flight scene was shown in Amsterdam at the time. It will be interesting to see if the final product lives up to that hype.

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