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Top Five Worst Things Quicksilver Has Ever Done

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Top Five Worst Things Quicksilver Has Ever Done

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve one over the years.

Quicksilver was a notable creation by Stan Lee in that he is one of those rare superheroes where he’s just actively a jerk. Yeah, he wants to do good for the most part, but he also wants to do so while being rude to everyone. Peter David famously explained Pietro’s poor behavior by explaining that to him, life is like constantly being stuck being a slow-moving line at the ATM or DMV. And that is why he is so irritable. Interestingly enough, the whole “He’s a jerk but he’s a superhero!” angle didn’t even really make him stand out when he first joined the Avengers, as that was practically Stan Lee’s exact characterization for Hawkeye, as well – “He’s a jerk but he’s a superhero!” So Quicksilver also had the added character trait of being overprotective of his twin sister, Wanda, the Scarlet Witch. EDITED TO ADD: What made Quicksilver stand out is that his jerky behavior became the defining characteristic while it became less of an important trait in the other characters similar to him at the time, like Hawkeye.

While being a jerky superhero, Pietro sometimes crossed the line and did stuff worse than just being a jerk. Here, then, are the top five worst things Quicksilver ever did…



You would think being part of a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants would be pretty high on the list, but Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s brief time in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was fairly tame, really. The whole time they were only there because Scarlet Witch felt a debt of honor to Magneto because he saved their lives when they were younger and Quicksilver insists on sticking with his sister at all times to protect her. And they never really did much evil with the group. In fact, in their very first appearance in X-Men #4, the gentle soul that is Magneto decides to nuke a country just to be a dick, and Quicksilver won’t allow it…

Oddly enough, the very next issue Scarlet Witch can’t believe that the kindhearted Magneto would be willing to murder the Angel…

Not the sharpest tool in the shed was Wanda back then.

Just seven issues into their run, in X-Men #11, the Scarlet Witch finally agrees that they no longer owe Magneto anything, so they quit…

So not a whole lot of bad stuff, but eh, they WERE technically in a group called the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, so it’s probably worth mentioning it.


In Avengers Annual #15 (by Danny Fingeroth and the striking art team of Steve Ditko and Klaus Janson), Quicksilver arranges the arrest of the Avengers by framing them for treason…


House of M was about the Scarlet Witch using her reality-altering powers to, well, alter reality so that mutants are the ruling class of Earth and Magneto is the highest power on the planet (hence the House of M). Slowly but surely, the Avengers and X-Men are coming to realize that their world is a lie, so they try to take Magneto down and make him have Scarlet Witch turn things back. However, it turns out that Magneto was NOT the one who was responsible for this. You see, at the beginning of the series, the Avengers and the X-Men were debating what to do with Scarlet Witch, seeing as she was too powerful to just leave in her father’s care. Some wanted to just kill her. So her brother freaked out and had his sister alter the world, as seen in this flashback sequence caused by Doctor Strange examining Wanda’s memories in House of M #7 by Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel and Mark Morales…

When Magneto finds out that it was Quicksilver who did this, he attacks his son, leading to the Scarlet Witch freaking out, which leads to the devastation created by her saying three simple words…

This was a big deal, of course, which is why I have it over the treason bit, even if Quicksilver’s actions here are a lot more defensible than they were in the treason story. He’s just trying to protect his sister. He just screwed up in HOW to do it.

This ended up being way longer than I initially intended, so I’m actually splitting it into three pages.

Read on for the top five moments!

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