Top Five Worst Psylocke Costumes

Okay, I fell behind with the Top Five lists. To make up for it, I will do a bunch of them! The first?

The top five worst Psylocke costumes!!!

Poor Betsy Braddock has never had very good luck with costumes. Please note that I am not counting the one she wore that one time she was Captain Britain for a little bit (and that was uggggly).

Let's begin! Thanks are due to Peter Luzifer and Ruth, for their incredible costume gallery over at Uncannyxmen.net.

5. This has been described, quite aptly, as the "Ninja bathing suit" costume.

And for a costume, it's a nice bathing suit!

I love the little wrappings on her leg. I can only imagine her sitting there in the morning, putting her costume on - "Why am I doing this?"

4. That being said, the ninja bathing suit proved popular, serving as Psylocke's costume for basically the next ten years, only changing during the time when Chris Claremont returned to the X-titles.

Here, Psylocke actually got a worse costume.

It's probably a better outfit, but as a costume, it looks awfully silly.

It is no surprise that Psylocke has returned to the ninja bathing suit outfit.

3. When she first returned in the body of an asian woman, calling herself Lady Mandarin, Psylocke wore this poorly conceived armored outfit.

2. Astonishingly, though, that was a step UP from her PREVIOUS armored costume!

I admire the idea of saying, "She is very physically vulnerable to attacks, so she really ought to be wearing protection," but for crying out loud, this is awful! While she is less vulnerable to attacks now, she is still vulnerable to bouts of awful fashion sense!!


This, sadly, was ALSO a step up, as her previous outfit was the following...


Lordy! What was Alan Davis thinking when he came up with this one?

What an ugly, non-functional, non-sensical costume. One of the ugliest costumes I have ever seen on an X-Men character (and there are some real contenders out there for that honor!).

Well, those are my picks! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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