Top Five Worst Justice League Members

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I've done over the years.

For this top five, I'm only counting superheroes who were meant as legitimate members of the Justice League, not joke members like Ambush Bug or G'Nort or the members of Justice League Antarctica. So no INTENTIONALLY bad Justice League members.

5. Black Condor/Agent Liberty

I liked Black Condor and Agent Liberty in the pages of Black Condor's own book and the Superman titles (where Agent Liberty was part of a group that turned out to be bad guys, he turned against them and brought them down, but became a fugitive because of his actions for the group), but they were kind of wastes as members of the Justice League, as Black Condor joined just to learn the mystery of who was Bloodwynd...

Said mystery was resolved, like, three issues into his stint, at which point he left the team.

Agent Liberty joined for, like, a place to hide out...

And then left. I don't even think we SAW Agent Liberty leave!

They were pretty much wastes as League members.

4. Vibe

As I wrote about in an old Comic Book Legends Revealed, Vibe was one of those rare characters intended to be modern but was viewed as out of place at the time, let alone now...

and soon joined the League. He was also quite the breakdancer...

George Perez complained about the character at the time in an interview with Heidi MacDonald...

Pérez: Oh, I sincerely say he’s the one character who turned me off the JLA. If nothing else, every character that was introduced was an ethnic stereotype. I couldn’t believe it. I said, “Come on now!” These characters required no thinking at all to write. And being Puerto Rican myself, I found the fact that they could use a Puerto Rican character quite obviously favorable since the one Puerto Rican characters in comic that existed, the White Tiger, is no longer a viable character. But having him be a break dancer! I mean, come on now. It’s like if there were only one black character in all of comics, are you going to make him…

MacDonald: A tap dancer.

Pérez: A tap dancer, a shoeshine boy? Particularly when you’re picking a stereotype that’s also a fad. You’re taking a chance that this guy is going to become very passe, his costume becomes passe because it’s a breakdance costume, the minute the fad fades.

Perez's complaints were compelling.

3. Commander Steel

However, at least Vibe stood out! His teammate, Commander Steel, didn't even really stand out...

He more or less died at the end of his stint with the League, pretty much never to be seen again.

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