Top Five Wolverine/Hulk Fights

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I've done over the years.

After talking about Wolverine and Hulk fighting last week, I figured it'd be fun to look at the top five Wolverine/Hulk fights!

NOTE: No Ultimate versions and no Hulk #8 (with the Skrull Wolverine)Wolverine/Hulk #1

I really liked this Sam Kieth mini-series where the Hulk and Wolverine team up to help a little girl find peace, but the fights weren't exactly major ones between the two.

Wolverine #8

Similarly, I enjoyed this Chris Claremont/John Buscema two-parter, but they really didn't fight much in it...

Marvel Fanfare #2

This slight tale from Joe Kelly/Pop Mhan/Mike Witherby had some interesting Mhan art in a HUlk/Wolverine/Wendigo three-way fight...

INcredible Hulk #454

This Peter David/Adam Kubert/Mark Farmer fight was awesome, if brief...

(The Hulk is only PRETENDING to be a savage monster in the Savage Land to trick two warring tribes to band together against him)

Reader Andrew thought this fight from Wolverine #145 (by Erik Larsen, Leinil Francis Yu and Dexter Vines) when Wolverine was Death should make it, so fair enough, here it is!

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