Top Five Wolverine "What If...?" Deaths

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I've done over the years.

Everyone knows that Marvel's What If...? comics are filled to the brim with death. It seems like whatever decision the heroes didn't make would have led to their deaths at every turn. Like, if Wolverine had a bagel instead of cereal for breakfast one day, the "What if...Wolverine had cereal?" story would have ended with all of the X-Men somehow dead. So let's celebrate that odd trend by spotlighting the top five Wolverine "What If...?" deaths.


What If...Stryfe and Apocalypse Had Killed the X-Men? (What If...? #69)

Mariano Nicieza, Justiniano and Roy Richardson delivered this alternate take on how X-Cutinoner's Song could have ended, with Wolverine in messed up shape...

What If...Phoenix Had Lived? (What If...? Vol.1 #27)

How could THAT ever happen? Heh. Anyhow, Phoenix lives and things are going well until she just snaps one day and basically wipes out the X-Men. This isn't higher because Wolverine's death (courtesy of writer Jo Duffy and artists Jerry Bingham and John Stuart) really isn't all that interesting...

What If...Danger Had Become the Bride of Ultron (What If...? Astonishing X-Men #1)

Matteo Caselli and Mike Getty drew this short story where the personified Danger Room, Danger, becomes the Bride of Ultron, and turns on the X-Men, including wiping out Wolverine...

What If...Marvel's Heroes Had Lost Atlantis Attacks? (What If...? Vol.2 #25)

Jim Valentino, Rik Levins and Ralph Cabrera had the Brides of Set remain in control of Set, and the powerful female heroes took on all comers, with Scarlet Witch having a clever way of handling Wolverine and Aquarian...

What if...Phoenix Had Fallen for Wolverine? (What If...? #60)

This Kurt Busiek/Ron Randall/Art Nichols bit is very clever. The idea is that Phoenix falls for Wolverine, but when we get to the big fight on the Blue Area of the Moon, Wolverine can't come her down enough, so instead of sacrificing itself, the Phoenix decides to destroy the universe...

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