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Top Five What If…? Comics That Actually Came True!

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Top Five What If…? Comics That Actually Came True!

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve done over the years.

Over the years, there have been many, many issues of What If…? by Marvel Comics. So many, in fact, that a number of them were bound to eventually happen in the “real” comics. Here, then, are the top five examples of that theme (there are SO many examples that there are tons and tons of honorable mentions, so this is a long one!).


First up is a surprisingly common one – superheroes working for SHIELD!!

The Daredevil one was co-written by Frank Miller and drawn by Miller and Janson! It’s a neat short story (Mike W. Barr co-wrote it with Miller).

Okay, let’s see when each of the heroes went to work for SHIELD.

In the last story arc in the original Daredevil series (before the Kevin Smith/Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti Marvel Knights debut), Scott Lobdell did a fun story where Matt Murdock has his sight temporarily returned and goes to work undercover for SHIELD but then has his memory erased (Lobdell knew it wasn’t really going to matter since the book was starting over, so he figured he’d try something very different – D.G. Chichester returned to tell an unrelated story for the very last issue of the first volume)…

During Mark Millar, John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson’s famous Wolverine storyline, Enemy of the State, Wolverine is killed and ressurected by the Hand and Hydra and becomes a villain. SHIELD hunts him down, captures him and deprograms him. He then goes to work for SHIELD to bring the bad guys down…

While not really an official SHIELD agent, the Punisher basically joined up with them for the end of John Ostrander’s late 1990s Punisher series (drawn by Tom Lyle and Robert Jone)…

I’m judging these things mostly on how surprising it is to see them actually come true. This is why something like, “What if the Beast and the Thing Had Continued to Mutate?” is low on the list, as really, why would you figure that a writer wouldn’t do that?

Anyhow, Beast mutated during Grant Morrison’s X-Men run…

And then again during Brian Michael Bendis’ X-Men run…

And the Thing mutated during Steve Englehart’s Fantastic Four run…

By the time that Spider-Girl debuted in What If…? #105, the concept of What If…? had changed to just more general alternate reality stuff…

So it was not a surprise at all to see Spider-Girl get her own series…

Also, since her series took place in the reality introduced in the What If..? issue, does that even count as coming true?

I don’t count What If…? #4 (the issue that revealed who filled in for Cap during the 1940s when he and Bucky were presumed dead) because it was intentionally set in continuity, but that wasn’t the case for the 1950s Avengers…

who then eventually became the Agents of Atlas!

Like I said, there’s tons of examples, so let’s go to the next page for some more!

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