Top Five Titans Cover Appearances by Characters

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at which five characters have appeared on the most Titans covers in the forty-four year history of Titans comic books. I mean ALL the different Titans comics. I mean, Teen Titans Volume 1, The New Teen Titans Volume 1, The New Teen Titans Volume 2, Tales of the Teen Titans (only the covers for the original material - it seemed weird double-counting the Baxter issues), Tales of the New Teen Titans, New Titans, Team Titans, Teen Titans Volume 2, Titans Volume 1, Teen Titans Volume 2, Titans Volume 2, plus every cross-over one-shot, mini-series and Annual. There have been so many comics with "Titans" as the title that the #1 character on this list was on over 200 covers!!!

Here are the top five...


5. Beast Boy/Changeling

Gets helped out by never really leaving the original series, even when he became a bad guy later in the run. Hurt by not being on the late 90s Titans Volume 1 cast.

4. Cyborg

WAS on the late 90s Titans Volume 1 cast.

3. Starfire

Was on the late 90s Titans Volume 1 cast and was often a favorite for artists to give spotlight covers to.

NOTE: The top two characters on my list were separated by just ONE cover. That's so close that I have to acknowledge that there's a chance that I made an error somewhere in the counting or missing an issue or whatever. I think I'm right, but with numbers this close, it is worth noting that when you take margin for error into account, they're basically tied. But I'll use the numbers I have here...

2. Robin/Nightwing

Helped by being on the original cast, the 80s cast and the 90s cast.

1. Wonder Girl/Troia

Helped by the frequent absences Dick took in the 1980s plus the time when Donna (as a Darkstar) was on the post-Zero Hour team without Dick. This barely made up for her early 1990s departure from the book plus that period where she was, you know, DEAD (luckily for her, Dick spent the period after that as a member of the Outsiders, not the Titans).

That's the list! Surprised at the rankings? Who do you think was sixth on the list?

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