Top Five Times Peter Parker Decided That He Was "Spider-Man...No More"

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An almost iconic aspect of Spider-Man's history is that being Spider-Man is a burden that Peter Parker is not always thrilled with having foisted upon him. He understands that with great power, comes great responsibility, but sometimes that responsibility is too much for him and he quits. Here are the top five instances of Peter Parker quitting as Spider-Man...

NOTE: I once featured this trope at Drawing Crazy Patterns a few years afo, but I thought it'd be fun to actually RANK them.


Howard Mackie, John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna have Spider-Man face off against the Green Goblin, who has revealed that Aunt May is actually alive! After Spider-Man holds up a heavy object (this time the Daily Bugle building), he decides to quit...

When Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 begins after this issue, Mattie Franklin (who had gained powers in one of the later issues of Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1) is impersonating the missing Spider-Man. She eventually compels Peter to return to being Spider-Man.

5. Spectacular Spider-Man #229

Tom DeFalco, Sal Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz show Peter Parker deciding to quit being Spider-Man after learning that he is a clone. He leaves the Spider-Man name to the "real" Peter Parker, now calling himself Ben Reilly (as it turns out, Ben really was the clone all along)...

4. Amazing Spider-Man #100

Stan Lee, Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia have Peter decide that he has to quit being Spider-Man to be with Gwen Stacy...

While unconscious, Peter has hallucinations that convince him to keep being Spider-Man, primarily the voice of Gwen's dead father, Captain Stacy...

However, when Peter awakes, he discovers that the serum has given him six arms!!!

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