Top Five Things In Grant Morrison's JLA Run That Annoyed Me

Top Five Week continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far)! Today's installment is the top five things in Grant Morrison's JLA run that annoyed me.


Honorable Mention

The artwork by Howard Porter was not very good, but after seeing some of the work on Morrison's New X-Men run, I find it hard to give Porter too much of a hard time.

5. Orion and Big Barda's membership

That really seemed like a case of a storyline that Morrison was planning but never got around to, because man, did Orion and Barda have nothing to do during Morrison's run or what?

I think the only guy to use them during Morrison's run was Mark Waid!!

Also, this was funny, because Morrison decided to play with the fans a bit and give them hints as to Orion's identity (as a new member of the League), while not knowing that Orion already HAD joined the JLA, during the Giffen/DeMatteis run!!

Granted, Orion did even less during that run than he did on Morrison's run, but still!!

4. Catwoman defeating Prometheus

Or should I say Cattus ex Machina.

Having Prometheus take down the league was pretty interesting (and how weird was it to see a Batman villain show up a few years later using the exact same "downloading moves" gimmick that Prometheus had?), but while Morrison basically did what one would hope (the JLA escapes from Prometheus' "perfect" plan and is about to defeat him), having Catwoman being on the Watchtower for no real reason and to have her save the day?


3. Making Triumph a bad-guy

Almost all of the things that annoyed me in Morrison's JLA run were the things that came from Morrison clearly not caring much about the stories he wasn't a fan of/wasn't familiar with. And on the one hand, that's usually a good tactic, on the other hand, it results in stuff like Morrison totally butchering an interesting Christopher Priest character simply for an amusing gag about a hero who never catches a break being turned into a villain.

I get that his supply of possible choices was quite slim - but still, it annoyed me.

I liked Triumph.

2. The old JLA getting kicked out of the satellite

This just never made sense to me. I blame editorial slightly. They should have had Gerry Jones disband the previous league before Morrison's run began, because the sight of the "Big Seven" KICKING OUT the previous league just seemed way lame.

I mean, BATMAN maybe I could see being willing to tell fellow heroes, "Beat it - we've decided that us seven have to be the JLA, even though our GL is a new guy," but not the rest of them.

It just gave a really awkward feeling.

One that annoyed me.

1. Only Superman attending Metamorpho's funeral

I get it - Morrison was making a point about how ephemeral superhero "death" is - but he could have done so without having NOone but Superman (who barely KNEW Metamorpho) show up at his funeral!!

The worst part for me is that while you may try to write it off and say "Nah, they were busy on a mission" etc, Morrison decries that by actually SHOWING what Flash (former teammate and friend of Metamorpho's) and Green Lantern (who just had his bacon saved by Metamorpho earlier in the series) were doing during the funeral - and it was just hanging out at the Watchtower!!

SO lame!

Well, that's my list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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