Top Five Team Face-Off Covers

I get a lot of e-mails regarding the blog, and a lot of them are quite neat. I will often put them aside with the intention of getting back to them, only to get caught up in something else, and never returning to them for way too long. One such instance is this week's Top Five - which were developed as the result of a lot of research work by Comics Should Be Good commenter, Rebis.

Thanks, Rebis! Here, then, courtesy of a bunch of cover choices Rebis supplied me with, are the the top five team face-off covers (face-off covers are those covers that show one team on one side of the cover and another team on the other side)!!


5. Justice League of America #106, November-December 1973

What a clever use of the X of Earth X by Nick Cardy!!

Striking cover.

4. Justice League of America #132, July 1976

I love the way this Ernie Chan cover pops off the page (as noted to me by Rebis, as well), and I think I differ with Rebis in that I think a cover of the Justice League fighting anthropomorphic animals RULES! (I checked with my pal Fabian, and he was underwhelmed by the animal concept as well).

3. Avengers #130, December, 1974

This Gil Kane & Dave Cockrum cover is strong, but it loses points due to the fact that (also noted by Rebis) the villains they are facing are mostly lame ones.

Imagine the Avengers against some really COOL villains with that art?

2. Justice League of America #56, September 1967

This Carmine Infantino & Murphy Anderson cover might be the very FIRST team face-off cover, and it sure set a high standard right off the bat!

Such strength - such power - such movement.

An awesome cover.

1. X-Men #100, August 1976

Dave Cockrum's cover is pleasing to the eye, but also has THE best match-up of all of these team face-offs - the original X-Men against the All-New, All-Different X-Men?! Who WOULDN'T want to read that?!?

That's why it is numero uno.

Well, that's the top five! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

Thanks again to Rebis, and sorry it took waay too long for me to get this puppy posted!

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