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Top Five Supporting Cast Members Who Moved From One Comic to Another

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Top Five Supporting Cast Members Who Moved From One Comic to Another

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve one over the years.

With the news that Mary Jane Watson will soon be a supporting cast member in the pages of Invincible Iron Man, I thought it would be interesting to spotlight other notable examples of supporting cast members who moved from one title to another…

NOTE: We’re not talking about characters who had their own titles and then ended up as supporting characters in another character’s book, like Jessica Drew in Wolverine. We’re just talking characters who were supporting characters in one book and then became supporting characters in another book.


Father Craemer

Father Craemer was the prison chaplain in Suicide Squad.

After Suicide Squad ended, John Ostrander brought Craemer with him to The Spectre…

Thanks to Jacob Levy for suggesting the good father.

Liz Allan Osborn

The interesting thing about Liz Allan is that while she was originally one of the girls that Peter Parker vied for in his personal life, or in the case of Liz, she vied for Peter, as seen in this bit from Amazing Spider-Man #24…

When he graduated high school, the character was just flat out dropped. I mean, don’t get me wrong, both Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy were more interesting than her, but you’d think she’d still pop into a story here and there. Instead, it was over a hundred issues until we saw her again in Amazing Spider-Man #132, when Gerry Conway presumably wanted to beef up Peter’s circle of friends (which had recently taken a famous hit due to the death of Gwen)…

In Amazing Spider-Man #166, Harry Osborn and Liz get engaged.

She and Harry remained supporting cast members for the next decade or so, along with their kid, Normie Osborn. Eventually, though, Harry went nuts and died.

When he began his run on Daredevil, writer Karl Kesel brought Liz Osborn over to Daredevil as Foggy’s new love interest…

She remained in the book until Kevin Smith restarted the series, at which point he wrote Liz out of the books. Norman Osborn has recently returned to the pages of Spider-Man, and he naturally was interested in his grandson, so Liz became a Spider-Man cast member once again. More recently, she has been a major supporting cast member (and possible love interest for Miguel O’Hara) in Spider-Man 2099.

5. Marlo Chandler

The punderful Marlo Chandler was first introduced along with the introduction of the Hulk’s “Joe Fixit” persona, from his time when he worked as an enforcer in Las Vegas. Marlo was his girlfriend…

Even when the Hulk personalities merged, Marlo stuck around, only now she dated fellow supporting cast member, Rick Jones. They eventually got married…

Over time, they separated.

Writer Peter David, who had created Marlo, eventually brought her over to his newly launched Captain Marvel comic book, as Rick had now merged with Genis-Vell to become the new Captain Marvel…

While in the book, Marlo had a brief relationship with another supporting cast member in the book, Moondragon…

4. Karen Page

Karen Page was the secretary for Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, as well as the main love interest for Matt Murdock as the Daredevil series began in 1964.

In Daredevil #57, she even learned his secret identity!

Eventually they broke up and Karen set off to Hollywood to become an actress. It was here that she became a supporting cast member in the pages of Ghost Rider #13, as Johnny Blaze got a job as a stunt rider on the Stuntmaster TV series that Karen was the female lead on…

What’s amazing about their relationship is that the writer who brought her into the book, Tony Isabella, was taken off the title six issue into her stint as a cast member. There were a few different writers after him, and yet each one of them had a chance to take her out of the book but they each just doubled down on her presence in the title…

But then in Ghost Rider #26, Johnny just abruptly leaves town. And that was it for Karen Page (outside of a cameo in an issue of Marvel Two-in-One set in Hollywood) until Frank Miller brought her back to Daredevil in Born Again.

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