Top Five Superman/Flash Races

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I've done over the years.

Let's look at the top five races between Superman and the Flash (Barry Allen)! I'm excluding Wally West because he only raced with Superman once and although it was an awesome story, Superman and Barry have had five races, so it just seems perfect, ya know?

5. World's Finest Comics #198-199

This two-parter by Denny O'Neil, Dick Dillin and Joe Giella came out during the brief period that World's Finest had become a Superman team-up book just like how Brave and the Bold was a Batman team-up book. So this story was Superman "teaming up" with Flash. As it turned out, some messed up time robots were wreaking havoc on the timeline, and Jimmy Olsen was personifying that havoc as he kept getting hurtled through time, including to a Roman chariot race. So the Guardians of the Universe explain to Superman what needs to be done to save the universe...

However, they're attacked while trying to complete the race. This leads to them continuing the race the next issue, which has a awesomely bizarre Neal Adams cover.

I just adore them showing little kids crying over the ending of the issue. "Suck it, little kids!"

Okay, as it turns out, this is all a plot by the Phantom Zone folks, as if the timeline is messed up, it will result in the Phantom Zone being opened up. So they capture Superman and Flash on a planet with a constantly-changing red and yellow sun...

They escape but are both shot, leaving them temporarily without the use of their legs. So to stop the bad guys, they're going to have to CRAWL! Which they do...

Weird victory there, Flash.

4. Flash: Rebirth #3

So in this series (by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver), the Speed Force is all messed up after the return of Barry Allen and it is even KILLING other speedsters! Barry presumes it is his fault, so he decided to run into the Speed Force to sacrifice himself to fix it. His Justice League buddies are all, like, "Dude, no!" But Barry won't listen, even when Superman tries to catch up to him to stop him...

Nice moment. Not really as much of a "race" as the other ones on this list, though.

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