Top Five Superman Nicknames

Top Five Month continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) with a look at the top five nicknames for Superman!



Supes is a pretty good, informal nickname that you see people occasionally call Superman. Didn't Byrne have a problem with that name, by the by?

Big Blue - people HAVE called him Big Blue, right? I'm not imagining that, I don't think.

Strange Visitor (From Another Planet) - this is okay, but a bit on the weird side.

5. Smallville

Technically more of a Clark Kent nickname, but Lois uses it to refer to Clark when he is Superman, too, so I think it counts - and it should count, because it's an awfully cute nickname. Who originated the concept of Lois calling him Smallville? Was it the cartoon series or Lois and Clark?

4. The Metropolis Marvel

When is the last time anyone actually called him the Metropolis Marvel?

Still, for a long while, this was a major nickname for Superman.3. The Last Son of Krypton

I like this one - it has a real cachet to it - however, it is not as dynamic as the next two names.2. The Man of Tomorrow

This name was so good, they even named an ongoing series Superman: The Man of Tomorrow!!

1. The Man of Steel

This, though, has to take the top spot, no doubt about it - forgetting that it was an ongoing series for over 100 issues by this name, forgetting that it was such a notable name that another popular hero came about just based on this nickname, it is STILL the clear choice, just based on how often it is used and the familiarity the public has with the name.

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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