Top Five Superhero Pet Names

By "Pet names," I mean nicknames the love interest of superheroes give the superheroes. Kirayoshi suggested this top five on the Comics Should Be Good forum's "Top Five Suggestion Thread"! Check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far.


I'm going to use Kirayoshi's five, although I'm mixing up the order a bit.

5. "Katya"

Colossus' nickname for Kitty.

I bumped this one down on the list (Kirayoshi had it #2) because, well, it's not much of a pet name, is it? It's basically just Kitty's name in Russian!

4. "Short Pants"

I don't even recall this one offhand, but I'm sure it happened, and if so, it's a cute pet name! And people DO love Dick and Babs together. I know my girlfriend is a huge fan of them as a pair.

3. "Beloved"

This is a bit of a dreary pet name, but Talia does like to use it a lot, so it's pretty darn famous.

2. "Smallville"

Kirayoshi had this fifth - I think this one is way cooler than that. It's just the right amount of playfulness between Clark and Lois. I dig it.

1. "Tiger"

Nice bit by Adam Hughes, no?

In any event, there, for you "Tiger" fans out there, here you go! :)

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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