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Top Five Superhero Mullets

by  in Comic News Comment
Top Five Superhero Mullets

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve one over the years.

Based on a request from longtime reader Nick Marino, let’s take a look at the top five superhero mullets.

NOTE: Right off the bat, we have to examine what exactly constitutes a “mullet.” The definition I will be using for this piece is as follows. A haircut where the person has relatively short hair in front and long hair in the back. The joke about mullets is “business up front, party in the back.” So if you just have long hair period, you don’t have a mullet. Similarly, if you wear your hair in a ponytail, you don’t have a mullet. A mullet and a ponytail are different things. That said, there are people with mullets who then also had ponytails. I’ll still count them.

Along these lines, then, perhaps the most famous superhero mullet of them all, Superman post-Reign of the Supermen, was not actually a mullet.

At least that’s not what Dan Jurgens intended. He just intended it to be “longer hair.” Other artists, though, would occasionally draw it as a mullet, like this infamous Brian Bolland Wonder Woman cover…

But that’s going off-model.

Similarly, Star Brand? That’s not a mullet…

Darick Robertson Nova? Close, but also, not a mullet…

(Rich Rider then started wearing his hair in a ponytail)

Darick Robertson Justice? Yes, but only for a short period of time when he got out of prison…

Quasar? Not for the time when I think most people are thinking about…

but yes, he eventually had one…

Jericho only briefly went to a mullet. Mostly, he just had that huge afro…

I just didn’t want to go past a list about weird hairstyles without talking about Jericho.

Rick Jones had one for quite a while, but he’s not really a superhero, so he doesn’t count…

(He also started wearing it in a ponytail a lot towards the end of his time in the Incredible Hulk)

Captain Planet doesn’t count. Yes, he had a comic book based on his cartoon series, but come on, he’s a cartoon character mainly.

Okay, on to the Honorable Mentions!

Dargo, the future Thor

It’s a LITTLE long in front, but not long enough to disqualify it from mulletdom…

Captain Atom

One of the many sins Extreme Justice foisted upon us was mullet Captain Atom…


I think people misremember Eddie Brock’s hair trajectory. He actually did not hit mulletdom until the first Venom mini-series…

But get there he did.

Rachel Summers

For the most part, early on, Rachel wore a small ponytail, but she did eventually tip over into mulletdom…


The Will Payton version of Starman rocked a strong mullet…

Now we’re into just flat-out insanely difficult decisions land, where any ONE of these people could easily have made the top five. But, well, they didn’t. Read on to see who the final two (hair)cuts were, and the beginning of the top five!

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