Top Five Superhero Colors

Folks kept asking me last time to do more of these, so how does another Top Five Week sound?

Let's begin!

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Today's Top Five is the top five colors used with superheroes (for this top five, I will be including White and Black as colors)!


Honorable Mentions


This was a tough one, but I just couldn't see Booster Gold, Goldstar, Golden Archer, Golden Girl, Goldfire and Gold from the Metal Men being enough of a mass of Gold heroes to make up for the coolness of the heroes at #5


The White Queen, the White Witch and White Tiger just weren't enough to push them past the #5 on the list. But it was VERY close!

5. Silver

The Silver Surfer alone might have managed the #5 spot on this list, but when you add in Silver Sable, Silver Sorceress and Silver Agent - it just pushes them over the top.

4. Red

While Red Arrow is a bit of a dorky name, Red is pretty well represented among superheroes.

You have Red Tornado, a whole ton of Red Guardians, Redeemer (oops...wait a second), Red Wolf and Falcon's bird, Redwing.

On the lower levels, you have the Red Bee, Claremont's Red Lotus character, Redwing from the Team Titans, Red Raven and Red Ronin.

3. Blue

There are less Blues than Reds in the world of superheroes, but there is a higher level of quality, particularly the THREE notable Blue Beetles (with Ted Kord being my favorite).

Plus Blue Devil, Blue Jay and Blue Trinity - Blue is a good color for a DC hero!

But there are a couple of Blue Marvel heroes - Blue Diamond or the short-lived Bluebird (in Kurt Busiek's classic Untold Tales of Spider-Man).

2. Black

While Blue may be a DC province, Marvel may have them beat on Black characters, fielding an impressive array of:

Black Panther, Black Widow, Black Knight, Black Goliath, and Black Bolt

DC counters, though, with Black Canary, Black Lightning, Black Condor, Black Alice, The Blackhawks and Black Orchid

Black has a very strong showing.

1. Green

This is an interesting one, because there are actually LESS major heroes with Green in their name than Black (unless you count duplicate heroes, like multiple Green Lanterns), it's just that the quality far outshines the relative lack of quantity.

Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Killowog and Kyle Rayner are all fine examples of Green Lanterns.

Then you add in Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke, and the Green ARROWs are in good supply, too!

When you then work in Green Flame (later known as Fire) and Phil Urich, the good Green Goblin, then Green is even further diversified!

But really, when two of the most prominent "color" heroes both have the SAME color, I think it is enough to squeeze out a #1 ranking!

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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