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Top Five Spider-Man “What If…?” Deaths

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Top Five Spider-Man “What If…?” Deaths

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve done over the years.

Everyone knows that Marvel’s What If…? comics are filled to the brim with death. It seems like whatever decision the heroes didn’t make would have led to their deaths at every turn. Like, if Spider-Man had cereal instead of a bagel for breakfast one day, the “What if…Spider-Man had a bagel?” story would somehow end with the world destroyed. So let’s celebrate that odd trend by spotlighting the top five Spider-Man “What If…?” deaths.


In What If…? #55 (Len Kaminski, Craig Brasfield and Frank Turner), we see what would have happened had the Avengers lost Operation: Galactic Storm. The Earth would have been pretty much destroyed, with Spider-Man being one of the casualties…

In What If…? (Volume 2) #6 (by Danny Fingeroth, Ron Lim and Keith Williams), we see what would have happened had the X-Men lost Inferno. The X-Men now serve the demons and they take on the world’s remaining heroes and dispatch them, including Spider-Man….

In What If…? (Volume 2) #25 (by Jim Valentino, Rik Levins and Ralph Cabrera), we see what would have happened had Earth lost Atlantis Attacks. Spider-Man and other heroes were turned into snake-like creatures by Set. A few of the remaining most powerful unchanged heroes took on the bad guys, with the Hulk being forced to kill Spidey…

In What If…? (Volume 1) #34, there were a bunch of short, humorous stories in the issue. In one of them (by Mike Carlin, Ron Zalme and Brett Breeding), we see what would have happened had Black Widow married Spider-Man…

In What If…? #88 (by Ben Raab, Ariel Oliveti and Agostin Comoto), we see that Peter has mutated into a spider-creature as he got older. The same mutation has affected his son. His son freaked out and accidentally killed the neighborhood bully, the son of Flash Thompson. Peter took the responsibility for his son’s actions and allowed Flash and FLash’s friends to kill him…

In What If…? #86 (by Terry Kavanagh, Doug Braithwaite and Sean Hardy), Ben Reilly is forced to kill Peter Parker when Peter becomes under the control of the Jackal (Ben then takes over Peter’s life)…

Go to the next page for the last few honorable mentions and then the start of the top five…

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