Top Five Solo Avengers

Top Five Month continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) apace with a look at the top five Avengers who have never had their own ongoing title that could carry one!


Black Widow and Beast both had ongoing features in comics, I say that counts (as would Hawkeye's ongoing feature in Solo Avengers would count, even if he had not later on also gotten an ongoing series), so they're both disqualified.

5. Wasp

It is a sad statement that I don't even have a Wasp cover to go with her entry!

The maturation of Wasp was a great point in Roger Stern's run on Avengers, but once she got mature, writers seemed to think she was no longer interesting, as we've seen little done with her since then (unless you count Bendis' "she's a drunken bitch!" character bit in the latest Mighty Avengers).

A lot of material comes with her - Avengers leader, married (and divorced) an Avenger, fashion designer - a lot of good stuff.

4. Scarlet Witch

Once you de-crazy-fy her, Scarlet Witch has a lot of interesting character points to build a series around.

1. She's a mutant

2. She's the daughter of Magneto

3. She is a mutant but she also practices magic

There's a whole lot of interesting plot points to build around there. And that's before you get into the whole "married to an android" thing!

3. Vision

He has been one of the most prominent Avengers over the years (he had the corner box to himself for more than a few issues), and I think there is a lot of good material to be mined with a guy who is a robot and a superhero - but can he be a human?!?

Add an Alan Thicke father figure, and you've got yourself a concept!!

2. Black Knight

I think the recent Captain Britain series is a great demonstration on how to write Black Knight right - he's a somewhat witty scientist who is thrust into a world of magic and superheroics. Can he balance his practical side with the fact that he has a magic sword?

1. Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau)

With the amount of power Monica possesses, you could do a great cosmic book with her. Heck, she could be doing cosmic stuff and still be able to commute back to Earth for plots back on Earth.

Such a noble, strong female character - it is sad that Reggie Hudlin is the only writer with any use for her nowadays.

Then again, it has kept her alive, so I suppose I should be grateful for that.

That's my top five! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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