Top Five Sandmen!

This week, let us take a look at the top five comic book characters to be known as "Sandman." Let's begin!

5. Daniel

Daniel, son of Morpheus, takes the bottom spot on the list mainly because he hasn't, well, DONE much.

After Morpheus died at the end of the Sandman series, Daniel has pretty much done nothing. He's only made, what, a half dozen comic appearances in the last decade?

So the bottom spot is Daniel, but maybe he can move up in the future!

4. Garrett Sanford

This short-lived Kirby/Simon creation had a pretty cool gimmick, being the guardian of the Dream Dimension.

Sadly, though, a cool gimmick was not enough to make this book a hit. Garrett has not appeared that often in comics.

3. Wesley Dodds

Wesley was the FIRST comic book character known as Sandman, introduced way back in 1939. He has the sort of unassuming coolness which allowed him to be a popular hero decades after he was first introduced, finding a new audience in the pages of Sandman Mystery Theatre.

2. Morpheus

Morpheus was the star of Neil Gaiman's excellent Sandman series, so as a result, he automatically gets a lot of credit. However, for the most part, Morpheus was a bit whiney for me.

That's why the #1 pick is an upset!!

1. William Baker

Look how awesome Sandman is! He can turn his body into SAND! He was also one of the first supervillains to reform after being a supervillain for over a decade!

Also, how could a member of Silver Sable's Wild Pack be anywhere BUT #1?

So, there's my picks. Feel free to express agreement or disagreement!

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