Top Five Potential Benefits of Disney's Marvel

Who needs logic and details when you can have wild speculation? Let's hit it!

5. The next Kingdom Hearts game could feature "Marvel world."

For those of you not up on your vidjagames, Kingdom Hearts is an RPG (that's role-playing game) series that takes young, androgynous protagonist Sora, teams him up with guys like Goofy and Donald Duck, and has him journey through various worlds and dimensions comprising the Disney multiverse, teaming up with characters like Tarzan, Jack Skellington, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh, and scads of others. Utilizing fanboy logic, one presumes that a future installment of the PlayStation franchise could feature Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, depending how the video games are licensed. I only made it through about half the first game, myself, but it was fun. If I could have the Mighty Thor hit Jafar upside the head with Mjolnir, or take Dr. Strange on a trip through Fantasia, or see Namor the Sub-Mariner punch Ursula in the ovaries,  however, it would be more fun.

4. CrossGen Comics could return.

Five years ago, Disney paid a scant million dollars (compared to the four billion and a song it cost to acquire Marvel) for CrossGen's assets, just so's they could publish some Abazadad novels. Technically, though, they've got the rights to all of it-- so if, say, they wanted to produce a Ruse or Negation movie, they could, and Marvel could start putting the comics out to tie into the film. That, or Marvel could ask nicely and start folding CrossGen stuff into Marvel, much like DC's been doing with the Milestone and Red Circle characters.

People like CrossGen, right?

3. Better book distribution.

Let's think about this-- Disney owns their own publishers which use different  distribution channels than Marvel, according to Rich Johnston. Disney's also a marketing powerhouse. At this point, they could distribute their comics through different channels, and maybe widen the market, driving Marvel up even further to the top of the sales game. What would this mean for Diamond? Some retailers are worried, but I wouldn't mind to see Diamond's industry strangehold loosened. Is it likely to happen? Probably not-- I doubt Disney cares one whit about the distribution of the comic book single, or even collections and graphic novels; they're in it for the licensing revenue. But it could happen.

2. The Pixar guys could produce an animated Marvel movie.

Now, Pixar itself sticks to original material, but like any world famous rock band, they've got side projects, and thanks to Disney, they can bankroll them. We've already heard rumors of Marvel execs and Pixar execs giggling like school girls on a conference call over the possibilities. Therefore, the people that brought you The Incredibles (which I wasn't a big fan of, myself) or WALL-E (which is one of the finest films of the past decade) could give us-- well, whatever doesn't have its rights tied up in other studios. Runaways? Dr. Strange? Rocket Raccoon? Devil Dinosaur!? Maybe it won't happen. Maybe we won't get that Red Ronin cameo in Toy Story 3. But you never know.

Maybe we'll see the animated adventures of some waterfowl trapped in a world he never made...

1. Howard the Duck loses the pants.

Remember how Disney sued over Howard looking too much like Donald and made him put on trousers? Well, theoretically, Howard could now be Donald's cousin, and they could both run around with their duck junk hanging out. I imagine Disney will still keep Howard's wardrobe intact to deter character confusion, but you never know. I say we start a campaign now: let our ducks run bottomless and free!

Now place your bets, folks. I'm putting five dollars down on "none of the above." Honestly, I don't think we'll notice much of a difference, aside from an extra animated series here or there on ToonDisney, and maybe some movie rights shuffling around in the next decade.

How about you? Any other possibilities popping into your head? Let 'em be heard!

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