Top Five One-Term Avengers

Top Five Month continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) with a look at the the top five Avengers who only served one term with the Avengers (I am stretching the term a bit as, for me, one term is measured from when they joined until they left the team, even if the makeup of the team around them changed dramatically in the time interval).


5. Spider-Woman II

Julia Carpenter is one of the more unlucky Avengers, in the sense that she had the bad luck of following up another Spider-Woman, and as we all know, comics like to revert back to the mean, so a name like Spider-Woman is hard to hold on to, and once you lose it, no one really wants a part of you anymore, which is a real shame in the case of Julia, who was a really good character.

Luckily, now as Arachne, she got a little attention during Civil War, even joining Canada's Omega Flight.

4. Quasar

Quasar was a pretty strong character who never really got to have a shining Avengers moment. I think the writers felt that he was too powerful, which has some truth to it, but it is still a shame. I liked him. He's dead now.

3. Crystal

Crystal as an Avenger is still weird, but to be honest, I think her tenure in the Avengers is probably a highlight of her comic career. She was really fairly well-adjusted during her Avenger tenure, which was not really the case when she was in the Fantastic Four, and since she stopped being an Avenger, has she had more than a dozen lines in fifteen years?

2. Beast

The perfect "I get why he can't be an Avenger again, but darnit, I wish he was an Avenger again!" character.

Beast was such a fun Avenger.

1. Captain Marvel II

You all know that I am a big fan of Monica Rambeau! Sadly, she fell victim to the same thing that Julia Carpenter had, which is that once you lose your famous name, writers are less willing to write a character. Although Warren Ellis did some good stuff with her in Nextwave.

Captain Marvel II was a real special character. She was a really neat member of the Avengers, and had a very long single term with the team (over 50 issues!).

I hope she is someday ineligible for this list.

Anyone you'd rather see on this list?

For the record, the following Avengers are what I would call "one term Avengers," although the newer ones I guess shouldn't really count (which is why none of them made the list)

Ant-Man II (Scott Lang)AresDarkhawkDoctor DruidEchoGilgameshHellcatHulkHuman Torch IIron FistInvisible WomanJocastaLiving LightningLuke CageMister FantasticMoon KnightMoondragonRageSandmanSentrySersiSkrull Spider-WomanStarfoxThingThor II/ThunderstrikeWar Machine

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