Top Five Nicknames Courtesy of the Hulk

You haven't arrived in the superhero community until Hulk has given you a nickname designed to make it easier for him to identify you. Usually, an identifiable characteristic of yours will be the basis for the nickname. Hulk could find work as a scathing caricaturist, always cutting to the essence of every hero.

Here are my picks for today's Top Five (the idea is courtesy of suedenim) of the Top Five Best Nicknames Given by the Hulk to other superheroes (thanks to Mike and Dave for jogging my memory on some of these).


These are pretty straightforward, so I'm not going to give big explanations for each one. Instead, I'll just lay them all out!

5. Fish Man

4. Bug Man

3. Sword Girl

2. Dumb Magician

I couldn't find a better cover featuring Doctor Strange and the dumb green Hulk - isn't that odd?

1. Bird Nose

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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