Top Five Most Embarrassing Gambit Moments

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Rumor has it that Channing Tatum has pulled out of a possible starring role in an upcoming Gambit film, throwing the future of that film into question. That's pretty embarrassing for the ol' Cajun X-Man. So I figured I'd cheer him up by showing him that it could always be worse. Here, then, are his most embarrassing comic book moments...



Only barely avoids sleeping with underage student

This doesn't make the top five because, to be fair, he doesn't actually do anything with her, but at the same time, that Gambit has to struggle this much with NOT sleeping with a teenager who is also his student is also kind of embarrassing (courtesy of Peter Milligan, Salvador Larroca and Danny Miki)...

That she turned out to be Mystique pulling some crazy ass "looking out for Rogue by proving Gambit was a sleazeball" plan doesn't change the fact that Gambit didn't know that when he turned her down.

5. Charges up Captain America's shirt, doesn't even beat him

In AVX Vs #2, Steve McNiven wrote and drew a battle between Gambit and Captain America. Gambit managed to actually use his powers to charge up an inanimate object and make it explode on Cap's own shirt and it didn't even slow Cap down!

Likely Gambit's most embarrassing defeat in a one-on-one fight.

4. Knocks self and teammates out

In Black Panther #8 (by Reginald Hudlin, David Yardin and Jay Leisten), Gambit and the X-Men are being attacked by knockout gas. Havok smartly has Iceman freeze off the vents, keeping the gas from reaching them. Gambit then blows a hole in the vents, knocking everyone (but Wolverine) out.

3. Blinded by his own exploding card

In his first storyline on X-Men, writer Chuck Austen and artists Salvador Larroca and Danny Miki have the X-Men run afoul of a team of superpowered Chinese heroes in China. While clashing with them, Rogue hits one of them and accidentally causes one of their weapons to fire...

Things aren't good for Gambit...

The next two issues are all spent during the same fight, and we occasionally check in on Gambit and his blindness....

When that story finished and the X-Men returned to the United States, Gambit pulls a total dick move and acts like it is Rogue's fault (like she knew hitting the Chinese guy would cause his weapon to fire and nick Gambit's playing card and cause it to explode)...

Self-pitying Gambit is the worst Gambit, as you will see with the #1 choice, as well. This plotline was quickly dropped, as seen in this Abandoned Love column.

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