Top Five Month RETURNS!

You thought you were safe - you thought it was all over, but you were wrong - two years since we last saw it, TOP FIVE MONTH RETURNS!!!!

Bookmark/check this space for the list of top five as the month continues!

1. Top Five Characters From the Marvel 1993 Annuals

2. Top Five Titans Cover Appearances by Characters

3. Top Five Thor Covers by Walt Simonson

4. Top Five Characters Whose Real Names Are Way Too "On Point"

5. Top Five #300 Issues

6. Top Five Bloodlines Characters

7. Top Five Mike Zeck G.I. Joe Covers

8. Top Five Justice League Unlimited Characters Who Should Also Be Members of the "Real" Justice League of America


9. Top Five Most Famous Characters To Debut In Issues Where They Were Not The Most Famous Character Introduced In That Issue

10. Top Five Thing vs. Hulk Covers

11. Top Five Characters to Debut in the Pages of the Avengers

12. Top Five Comic Characters That Share Names With Major League Baseball Teams!

13. Top Five "Great Scott" Exclamations on Challengers of the Unknown Covers

14. Top Five "Near Miss" Relationships Between Avengers Teammates

15. Top Five "Great" Exclamations by Superman on Covers!

16. Top Five Comic Book Tigers

17. Top Five Characters Introduced in Batman or Detective Comics in Last Two Decades


18. Top Five Yellow Characters

19. Top Five Characters Who Debuted in Tales of Suspense

20. Top Five Comic Book Characters Who Debuted in Comic-Based Cartoons

21. Top Five 400th Issues

22. Top Five Lies/Deceptions by Professor X

23. Top Five DC Comics Annual Themes

24. Top Five Joneses - Part 1

25. Top Five Joneses - Part 2

26. Top Five Joneses - Part 3

27. Top Five Carl Barks Creations Not Named Scrooge McDuck

28. Top Five Daredevil Writers

29. Top Five Daredevil Artists

30. Top Five John Romita-Designed Costumes

And feel free to use the comments here to make suggestions of Top Fives that you would like to see this month!

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