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Top Five Members of the JLU Who Should Also Be Members of the “Real” JLA

by  in Comic News Comment
Top Five Members of the JLU Who Should Also Be Members of the “Real” JLA

Top Five Month ((check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at the Justice League Unlimited. A number of characters were on the JLU that were never members of the “real” Justice League. I’m not counting the classic members of the Justice Society (like Alan Scott, Rex Tyler, Johnny Thunder, etc.) because that seems to be cheating a bit, but otherwise, here are the top five characters who were JLU members (but never JLA members) that I think should be on the JLA (on top of the “Big 7,” of course)…


5. Nemesis

Maybe he wouldn’t fit, but dammit, I think Nemesis is so awesome. The League hasn’t had a master of disguise in…well…have they EVER had a master of disguise?

4. Vigilante

Lots of good opportunities for interesting interactions when you’re dealing with a cowboy in the 21st Century!

3. B’Wana Beast

We came SO close to him being on the League during Cry for Justice! He would fit right in, and he has a strong power level, too!

2. Stargirl

I mean, come on, she’s not even ON the Justice Society anymore! She’s on the “All-Stars!” And once you say, “I no longer need training,” then you might as well just be on the main DCU hero team!! Plus, Stargirl is great, so she would fit well. She and Supergirl could be a good combo!

1. Shining Knight

Either the JLU Shining Knight or Morrison’s Shining Knight (although since I doubt anyone else could write Morrison’s Shining Knight without messing it up, I guess we’re better off with the JLU Shining Knight). He’s such a neat character and he’s not exactly a slouch in the abilities department (watch him deflect bullets with his sword above!). And he has a flying horse!! Flying horses RULE! The Seven Soldiers of Victory have the best heroes who have never been on the Justice League.

Well, that’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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