Top Five Marvel Spotlight Creations!

Marvel Spotlight was a comic designed to either introduce new characters or give characters a, well, spotlight.

Here, to continue Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far), is a look at the top five characters to be introduced in the pages of Marvel Spotlight!



Special citation for Satana - I believe Marvel Spotlight #13 was to be her first appearance, but delays led to Vampire Tales #2 coming out first, so let us dis-include her.

Satana is awesome, it's too bad we never got to see her series by Ellis.

Devil-Slayer is a pretty cool character, and he showed up in Marvel Spotlight #33, tangling with Deathlok.

5. Marlene Fontaine

Moon Knight's one true love, debuted in Marvel Spotlight #28, when Moon Knight was given the spotlight.

4. Red Wolf

Red Wolf is a cool character who, while getting his own title, I don't think was ever really given that much of a chance. I believe he may be the last notable character created by the late, great Gardner Fox.

3. Werewolf by Night

Created by the Thomases, Werewolf by Night probably has the coolest pun name in comics - Jack Russell.

He is still a prominent member of the Marvel Universe, popping up here and there - he's soon to show up in the pages of Moon Knight!

2. Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew has become a major player in the Marvel Universe, even more so after Brian Michael Bendis returned her to her classic red costume and had her join the Avengers. Of course, that was a Skrull Queen, so, well, I dunno...I guess Jessica is still cool. Maybe.

1. Ghost Rider

"I'll take No-Brainers for $1000, Alex!"

When you do anthology books where you debut new characters in the hopes of them becoming major characters, a character like Ghost Rider is a dream come true.

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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