Top Five Legion Rejects

My buddy, Paul Newell, suggested that I do a Top Five Legion of Superheroes Rejects, and while I thought the idea was a fine one, I didn't think I could really do it justice. Not the way Paul, himself, could - so here are his Top Five Legion Rejects!


First some honourable mentions: [Watch it! This here is an AMERICAN comic blog, Newell! :P-BC]

Arm-Fall-Off Boy.

He can detach his arms and use them as lethal weapons. The Legion wasn't too impressed with his attitude, however.

Barber Boy.

Has a big pair of scissors in place of a right hand and can shoot hair-styling mousse from his eyes.


X-Bomb Betty.

As she says, she can generate an explosion equal to a 150 million megaton X-Bomb. She was rejected on the grounds that she can only use her power once.

5. Plaid Lad.

He can change any fabric to plaid. Was rejected as he lacked control. Until he could perfect his powers, he was considered to be as great a danger to the Legion as to their enemies.

4. The Mess.

Has the amazing power to attract dirt.

And flies.

3. Estimate Boy.

Can instantly estimate weights, measures, speeds and numbers....But he lacks accuracy.

Doesn't attract dirt, but can attract flies.

2. Accordian King.

Can expand and contract his lower torso to make a musical sound. Also has the added ability to get his mother to take him to the tryouts.

1. Rann Antar.

Has invented a formula that can make feathers as heavy as lead.

So....well at least the others all have some sort of power, for the most part. But not only does this guy not have any powers, the one thing he can do, make things heavier than lead, only works on feathers, apparently. And I just realised, while looking at the picture again, the formula doean't even work! There are feathers drifting everywhere!

So that's that! Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

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