Top Five Lamest Forces

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Here are the top five lamest groups to call themselves "Something" Force (so no Force Works or anything else like that - it has to be like Freedom Force or Night Force, etc.).



Atari Force

While Gerry Conway and Mike Baron tried their best during the book's ongoing series to get it away from its roots, this series, which was created to illustrate story lines for games released by Atari (which was also owned by the same company that owned DC Comics, natch), never got far enough away for my tastes.

5. Fantastic Force

Even the writer of the book, Tom Brevoort, admits that this series did not exactly turn out great.

There were some good characters, though! Especially Vibraxis, who Christopher Priest used well in Black Panther.

4. Brute Force

Layne made a good argument for this tie-in comic book being on the list, and I can't really disagree.

3. China Force

This group fought Alpha Flight during the time period when Jim Lee was drawing the book.

Here is one of the team's member...Jade Dragon.

Yep, it was THAT original.

2. People's Defense Force

This was a group of communists who fought the West Coast Avengers alongside Quicksilver (during one of his routine "I'm evil!" phases).

Their biggest enemy?

Hank Pym, who fought them all in the Silver Age (during the days when they would LET you kick a dirty, dirty commie's behind!).


1. Earth Force

A group of intensive care patients given powers by Set, during a big storyline Tom DeFalco was doing on the book post-Simonson.

The reason they're higher than China Force and the People's Defense Force (who may seem lamer) is that Earth Force was not just a one-off concept like the previous two teams (okay, China Force had one more appearance outside of Alpha Flight). Earth Force was something DeFalco really tried to push during his early Thor issues, including back-up stories and everything!

So the continued appearance of lame characters make them even lamer in my book.

Luckily, they have not turned up much since DeFalco left the book (and even he did not do that much with them after awhile, but he certainly did try to have them catch on, as you know how dedicated he can be to characters he created - so for HIM to even drop them is saying something!).

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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