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Top Five Justice League Battles

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Top Five Justice League Battles

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve done over the years.

The Justice League has had a number of great fights over the years. Here’s their top five battles.

NOTE: This is just for comic book stories. This is also just for battles that took place in Justice League comic books. So no Crisis on Infinite Earths. No New Frontier. No Infinite Crisis. No Final Crisis. I’ve been enjoying the Darkseid War, but it’s not even finished yet, so I can’t really include it here.


JUSTICE (Justice #1-12)

Justice was a clever story where Lex Luthor and Brainiac manipulate a bunch of supervillains into becoming the Legion of Doom to take down the Justice League (while thinking that they are actually preventing the League from causing a nuclear Armageddon). This was a fun series by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Doug Braithwaite (with Ross painted Braithwaite’s pencils). The reason why this is not as high is because most of the fights in the series are smaller scale. Even here, in the end, as Brainiac has launched a series of nuclear missiles at the Earth while Luthor and Brainiac double-cross each other, a bunch of the other members of the League have their own drama going on…

JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA VS. DESPERO (Justice League America #38-40)

Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis’ Justice League was mostly a fairly lighthearted affair. But when they went dark, they went dark really well. One of the highlights was the time that Despero returned to Earth to get revenge on the Justice League, specifically the League that had last defeated him (Justice League Detroit). Gyspy was nearly killed when Martian Manhunter shows up in an awesome moment…

Adam Hughes and Joe Rubinstein drew the hell out of this battle. Here, Mister Miracle seemingly sacrifices himself (his teammates didn’t know it was actually a Mister Miracle robot, as part of a subplot from his solo title)…


This fight gets major demerits for the fact that ends with the Martian Manhunter solving it all with a power he never mentioned before this point. It’s well handled seeing J’onn do it, but still, it’s SO out of nowhere that I think it knocks the whole story down a peg (in terms of “top fights” – it’s still an excellent storyline overall).


The opening arc of Grant Morrison, Howard Porter and John Dell’s JLA is another example of a story that, in and of itself, is excellent, but the fight itself between the Justice League and the mysterious Hyperclan, who show as Earth’s saviors while they’re secretly tyrants, is a bit lackluster. After all, the most famous sequence is Batman taking on a bunch of them at once…

Great scene, but not a great Justice League fight.


When the Shaggy Man was first introduced, the Justice League defeated him by just putting him into a sort of time loop. So when Hector Hammond freed him and set him upon the Justice League satellite, we got to see how the Justice League would handle the super-powerful artificial being on their own. The answer is not particularly well, as the Shaggy Man crashes the satellite.

This leads to an awesome group fight scene on the Shaggy Man!

But then Green Lantern just saves the day by his lonesome.

Like the previous bit with Batman and the Hyperclan, it was more of a solo success than a group success. Len Wein and Dicks Dillin and Giordano were the the creative team.


During the classic “Rock of Ages” storyline by Grant Morrison, Howard Porter and John Dell, Aquaman and Green Lantern are sent into the future, where they team-up with the Justice League of the future (including an old Conner Hawke and Ray Palmer the Atom), who are taking on Darkseid in a last ditch attack. They attack Desaad, who has been torturing Batman, but it turns out that it is really…

Batman gets Aquaman and Green Lantern home, but then we get to see what happens with the Leaguers, who are getting torn apart by Darkseid and his forces until….

It’s an absolute brilliant moment by Morrison, but it also is a bit of a stretch to call this the “League,” ya know?

Go to the next page for the rest of the honorable mentions and the start of the top five!

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