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Top Five Jim Corrigans

by  in Comic News Comment
Top Five Jim Corrigans

For some reason I’ve yet to fathom, the world of comics has been treated to a number of fellas named Jim Corrigan. Time for them all to throw down and see who comes out on top!

5. Jim Corrigan (Gotham Central)

This Jim Corrigan was a dirty cop and a walking red herring for the identity of the new Spectre. Still, he had a pretty big impact in the world of Gotham Central; everything came crashing down on our favorite GCPDers thanks to him. He was the one who shot Crispus Allen, after all.

4. Jimmy Corrigan II (?)

The absentee father with the nervous laugh who tries to connect to his grown son and fails in every conceivable way? That’s Chris Ware for you.

3. Jimmy Corrigan, 1893

The eldest of the Jimmy Corrigans, this young feller got into some scrapes at the World’s Fair and led a lonely, depressed, occasionally angry life until he eventually became a crazy old man. Good times!

2. Jimmy Corrigan, present day

The most awkward and depressing Jimmy Corrigan in a book filled with awkward and depressing Jimmy Corrigans, the present-day version serves as our protagonist in Chris Ware’s most lauded work– the poor schlub who dreams of a better world but is trapped in his sad life. We really feel for him throughout. We are all Jimmy Corrigan, underneath.

1. Jim Corrigan (Spectre)

You don’t mess with the original. The first Jim Corrigan, after all, was the human host to the Spectre, the instrument of God’s vengeance. And you don’t go around telling the instrument of God’s vengeance that he’s anything but #1. Besides, he’s the only one on our list drawn by both Jim Aparo and Tom Mandrake, which makes him, by far, the coolest-looking.


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