Top Five Hank Pym Identities

Hank Pym is known for having a number of superhero identities. Here are my picks for the top five!


5. Yellowjacket

Let's put it this way - Hank adopted the Yellowjacket identity after accidentally exposing himself to a gas that gave him split personalities. It was only under this split personality that Hank was able to muster up the courage to ask Janet Van Dyne to marry him.

And that was a HIGHLIGHT of his Yellowjacket phase!

Since then, it was as Yellowjacket that he shot a villain in the back while Captain America was talking her down. This led to Hank being subject to the very first Avengers court martial.

It was as Yellowjacket that Hank, while plotting some idiotic ploy that would force the Avengers to keep him around, got frustrated and gave Jan a smack across the face, giving her a black eye.

And this is the identity he is currently using, presumably to "redeem" the name. Although he's redeeming it by being one of the creepy pro-Registration heroes during Civil War (pro-Registration=evil and/or deluded - Hank is firmly in the first camp).

4. Goliath

Goliath wasn't that bad, actually. Hank was only Goliath for about 30 issues the first time around (between Giant Man and Yellowjacket) and when he returned to it during Kurt Busiek's run, he again only laste about 20 issues under the name.

My problem with Goliath was that he wasn't unique enough - Giant Man, but not REALLY giant!

Seemed kinda silly.

3. Ant-Man

Here is what always irked me about Hank Pym as Ant Man. The dude invented a process that both allowed him to communicate with ants AND actually SHRINK - and all he does is feel stupid at how uncool that is!!

How cool is it to invent a way to actually SHRINK yourself?!?!

Ant-Man was the beginning of it all, so it deserves some credit, and it was as Ant Man that Hank co-founded the Avengers.

However, it was also as Ant Man that he went nuts that one time and attacked the Avengers.

And he DID act like a loser a lot as Ant-Man (heck, check out the cover blurb!).

2. Giant-Man

I think Giant-Man is the only costumed identity Hank has used where he DIDN'T go nuts or end up in some freaky state during the period. That is, unless you count "crippling depression that forced him into insisting on making growth powers to make himself feel less useless" as a freaky state.

But for the most part, as Giant Man, Hank pretty much kicked ass.

1. Dr. Pym

But it was as Dr. Pym that Hank was at his best.

NO crazy stuff!

NO crippling depression!

He was a useful Avenger withOUT having to be all nuts and stuff. And come on, being able to shrink and regrow stuff just by your touch? That's awesome!

Being able to have a whole arsenal at your (literal) fingertips? That is super cool!

So of course, no one (except Dwayne McDuffie, bless his heart) ever wants to address this role ever again.

Well, those are my picks! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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