Top Five Greatest Rogue Moments

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I've one over the years.

We take a look at the top five greatest Rogue moments since she became a member of the X-Men.

NOTE: There have been SO many great Rogue moments over the years that I'm going to skip honorable mentions because there are just too many, so if I start picking one I'll have to pick five and if I pick five, I'll have to pick ten, etc. So I'm just going to try to pick my top five choices.

5. Rogue Redeems Her Theft of Ms. Marvel's Soul (Uncanny X-Men #269)

A major problem with Rogue as a hero is that her power set was based on the fact that she stole the powers and the very soul of former superhero, Ms. Marvel. Ultimately, that is what drove her to join the X-Men in the first place, as she was being slowly driven insane by sharing a body with Carol Danvers' soul. So even when she did tons of awesomely heroic stuff, she still sort of "needed" to make up for what she did to Carol. Uncanny X-Men #269 (by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee and Art Thibert) finally resolved that. After going through the Siege Perilous, Rogue and Carol were separated into two beings, but still sharing one life force.

Rogue has the chance to end her once again, but she cannot do it...

Ultimately Magneto shows up and kills "Carol" (who was corrupted by the Shadow King, which is why she is being particularly dickish to Rogue), but the intent was clear - Rogue wasn't going to make the same mistake again. She had truly matured. And now, she was without Carol's personality in her mind finally as her "reward."

4. Rogue Learns How to Control Her Powers (X-Men Legacy #224)

First off, I considered X-Men #24 (by Fabian Nicieza and Andy Kubert), but while it was a great moment, it seemed kind of par for the course at the time...

that was the days of "can't actually move anything forward! Just tread water!" But it was very well done by Nicieza.

Instead, I'm going with X-Men Legacy #224 by Mike Carey, Scot Eaton and Andrew Hennessey, where Professor Xavier and Danger discover how Rogue's powers work...

and then Xavier goes into Rogue's mind to fix her...

His mission now seemingly successful, he lets Rogue rest, as her mind now has to catch up to her newly matured powers. When she wakes, she is unsure if it really worked....

Amazing work by Carey. He really had a way with Rogue.

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