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Top Five Greatest Monsters Marvel Created to Fight Godzilla

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Top Five Greatest Monsters Marvel Created to Fight Godzilla

Here is an archive of all the past top five lists I’ve one over the years.

From 1977-79, Marvel did a Godzilla ongoing series. The series was popular, but after one year’s worth of stories, Toho charged Marvel more to renew the license for a second year. After that second year, they wanted an even larger increase in the license fee. The comic was no longer worth it so Marvel canceled it. As I detailed in a recent top five, Toho also wanted SEPARATE licensing fees if Marvel were to use any of their OTHER monsters, so Marvel had Godzilla fight Marvel heroes like the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and that bunch of lovable losers (well, losers, at least) the Champions. However, writer Doug Moench and artists Tom Sutton and Herb Trimpe also created BRAND-NEW monsters for Godzilla to fight. Here are the top five monsters Marvel created to fight Godzilla.

5. Ghilaron, Lepirax and Centipor (Godzilla #5 by Doug Moench, Tom Sutton and Klaus Janson)

In issue #5, Godzilla travels to an island of monsters created by Doctor Demonicus. The good doctor sends three of his best and brightest to take on Godzilla. They’re not exactly really all that great, so they’re the last on the list, but they’re still pretty cool…

Lepirax actually temporarily leaves Godzilla to go try to kill Dum Dum Dugan in a SHIELD helicopter, leaving Godzilla just Ghilaron and Centipor to deal with…

but Centipor does not last very long…

Damn, Godzilla just SMOKED him.

Then, pretty much off panel while Dr. Demonicus is telling a captured Gabe Jones his life story, Godzilla was kicking Ghilaron’s butt…

Now Godzilla steps into the battle between Dugan and Lepirax…

Burned one monster to death and just squished the other one. Too awesome. I also LOVE the grin at Dugan.

4. Batragon (Godzilla #4 by Doug Moench, Tom Sutton and Tony DeZuniga)

The first one of Demonicus’ creations that Godzilla fought was an issue earlier, Batragon…

Godzilla then tracked it down to Demonicus’ island lair…

This led to the fights we saw in #5. Batragon did not put up an awesome fight, but the design was pretty awesome, so I have him at #4.

3. Beta-Beast (Godzilla #12 by Doug Moench, Herb Trimpe and Fred Kida)

In this issue, aliens bring Godzilla to the moon (and provide him with an aura of breathable air) and test him out by letting him fight the Beta-Beast. Yes, Godzilla versus an alien creature on the freakin’ MOON!

It is crazy how violent these fights were. Godzilla is killing monsters like crazy. Too cool.

The aliens, as it turned out, were testing him to see if he could handle three rogue alien monsters. Those aliens come up on the next page!

The top two are on the next page!

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