Top Five Greatest Invisible Woman Moments

Dwanye McDuffie, Paul Pelletier and Rick Magyar had a momentous moment when Sue is captured by the Frightful Four with the intent to use her once again as a hostage. In Fantastic Four #549, though, Sue (and McDuffie through Sue) expresses that she will no longer be viewed as a hostage...

Awesome work from a great, if brief, run on FF by McDuffie.

1. Meet the Invisible Woman

Now it is perfectly fine to have a problem with John Byrne's storyline where Sue Richards is manipulated by the Psycho-Man to basically turn evil for a bit, going by the name Malice. Whatever the problem with THAT story might be, though, Byrne did a heck of a job with the aftermath of the event, as Sue and the FF travel to the Microverse to capture the Psycho-Man and, well, they do just that - at least, SUE does and it inspires a change that was a long time coming...

Good for you, Sue! Boy, Byrne sure does love those whole "It is up to your imagination as to what happened" things, doesn't he?

That's the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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